Fortnite players desperately want the return of the old Loot Llamas

Here’s a question for you all Fortnite Players, what do you think plunder camel? These unreal supply packs have long been a staple of battle royale shooters and have undergone a lot of changes of their own over the years. Now, when we arrive at a brand new island, a segment of the player base longs for the llamas of the past.

To provide some background for those who don’t know the history of Loot Llama. Now in the game, Loot Llama is a real animal that will run away from you if you try to open it to get the treasure it’s carrying. But that’s not always the case, and Fortnite players who have been around for a while may remember that they used to be containers you could simply walk over to open.

The changes to Loot Llama come with the alien invasion in Chapter 2 Season 7, and as you can imagine, looting the loot they provide becomes more daunting. Now, with the third chapter of Fortnite, people are debating getting the old camel back.

By Reddit user Corbinmar Post on the Fortnite subreddit Summarizes many of the main questions people have about current llamas. For some, opening it before the camel escapes is an annoying task, the ammo cost of doing so makes the reward unworthy, and the noise the player makes in the process often causes them to give up their position.

On the surface, making Loot Llama a real opening challenge is a good idea. But with all these drawbacks, it’s easy to see why some people might be discouraged from approaching them. Warzone players who played during the Festive Fervor event will be well aware of the noise issue, as Krampus is often sentenced to death by his victims (especially in solo).

Now let’s balance this argument a bit. If you’re able to open the llama, the reward you’ll really need may be your return to the game – especially if you’ve just come back from a firefight that drained a lot of resources. Players can trap the camels by building walls around them, which eliminates many of the problems they would otherwise have, and makes it easier to get loot as long as you have the patience to sneak around.

If you look at other battle royale games, you’ll see similar challenges for players looking for lots of loot. In Apex Legends, hotspots are more likely to get better loot at the start of the game, but attract many squads, leading to early fights. Back in Verdansk, Warzone players may encounter red rooms full of prizes, but they also have to parachute back into the map, leaving them vulnerable to gunshots.

Clearly, the Loot Llamas theme is not an easy solution, and one that makes everyone happy is hard to come by. So do you think there should be any changes to Loot Llamas, or are they perfect? Let us know in the comments!

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