Fortnite Season 8 Update adds Cubes and The Sideways

Fort night Entering a new season, Cubes have already occupied this island. After the large-scale operation at the end of Season 7: After the Skyfire Incident, Dr. Sloan betrayed the defenders on the island, and the Rubik’s Cube was spreading on the island. But no one knows why.

The arrival of this new threat provided most of the mechanical changes on the island Fort night Chapter 2 Season 8. The new season includes changes in points of interest, new realities to explore, and enhanced weapons.

A big addition to Season 8 is The Sideways, which is a new dimension with lower gravity and various obstacles, making construction more difficult. This should encourage the players present to keep moving forward. Sideways also has some new weapons, such as Sideways rifles and Sideways machine guns, which bring additional dimensional distortions to the classics Fort night gun.

Sideways can be accessed through the portal, called Sideways Anomalies, distributed on the island. New dimensions are spreading on the map, and a new horizontal area will be created at various POIs around the island in each game.

The new season also introduces several smaller cubes, which spread their influence on the map, change the environment and drop shadow stones, turning players into shadow creatures, unable to shoot or be shot. The cube also creates cube monsters, which when the player sees them will attack them.

Image: Epic Games

Finally, the new season adds a war effect. This feature encourages players to work together and collect resources to build defenses, take out weapons, and resist alien invaders. We know that the first thing you have to build is the turret station. These will be built when players donate the bars they get to specific construction sites around the map. The site with the most bars will get a turret.

Fortress nightThe new season has begun, all of these changes will be online, as well as the game’s new battle pass, and the opening animation of the new season showing the Rubik’s Cube taking over the island.These are just some of the biggest changes Fort night Season 2 and Season 8, you can find all the changes Epic Fort night Blog.