Fortnite teases return of Tilted Towers on Twitter

The Leaning Tower was a notorious landmark of the early days of Fortnite: a dense, multi-level area with a high gear spawn rate, but also plenty of places for enemies to hide, making it a high-risk, high-reward drop zone and a tense nature Environment, unforgettable firefights. It’s seen some changes and regressions in various updates over the years, but MIA has been around for a while.

Official account tweet with city skyline emoji appears to confirm data miners discovered Earlier this month: Tilted Towers will return to the current iteration of the Fortnite map. It’s a safe bet that we’ll see this new version in the game’s 19.10 update, which launches tomorrow.

The ever-evolving nature of Fortnite’s map means the fan-favorite murder hole can get lost along the way, but Epic could make a huge emotional payoff by bringing it back. I can only wonder what emoji Valve will use in its twitter to tease the return of de_dust2’s main sniper alley, This Esports events in 2024.

(Image credit: Valve)

There are still a few hours left to catch up on Fortnite challenges before the 19.10 update goes live, and we can help: be sure to check out our guides for finding faulty vending machines, collecting telescope parts, and knocking down Timber Pines.