Fortnite The Oracle Speaks Guide-How to complete all Dark Jones missions

Fortnite The Oracle Speaks is the Dark Jonesy mission of Fortnitemares 2021. If you manage to complete all the missions, you will get a stylish new glider.

It will take some time, but Jones’ mission has some interesting legends. Keep your wits about yourself while searching. Dark Jonesey’s punched cards take you to some of the most popular attractions on the island.

Fortnite The Oracle Speaks-Dark Jonesy Punch Card

Dark Jonesy’s Steamy Stacks in Chapter 8, so please go there first and talk to him to get the Dark Jonesy punch card. In Fortnite, you can only have five active missions at a time, so make sure you have enough space to accept new missions before starting.

This is what you get after the Dark Jonesy punch card:

  • Collect scrolls at different IO bases
  • Use the shadow stone, then recover the spirit weapon
  • Touch cube
  • Destroy the Corruption Cluster and all Corruption Fragments
  • Return the magic weapon to the oracle and listen to his vision

Fortnite Dark Jonesey Punched Card-Collect scrolls at different IO bases

For this, you need to track smaller IO bases—not large bases with satellites—and deal with guards before you can collect the scrolls from the inside.

You can find Chapter 8 IO Basics:

  • Gas station north of Lazy Lake
  • North of Dirty Pier
  • East of the pleasant park near the river
  • Near Disco Shack south of Misty Meadows
  • South of the Holly Hedge, where the Durr Buger shop is located (watch out for the Shadow Stone when you are here, because you will need one for the next step)

Fortnite Dark Jonesey quests-Use a Shadow Stone, then recovery the Spirit Vessel

Take a shadow stone from around the holly hedge and head to the forest west of the Weeping Forest. There is a tree there, and there is a magic weapon under it. Interact with the ship to complete this task.

Fortnite Dark Jonesey Quest-Touch the Cube

This is an easier challenge. Try to get close to the convergence point so that you can touch one of the cubes there. This is a popular place, so expect a lot of competition.

Fortnite Dark Jonesey Mission-Destroy the Corruption Cluster and all Corruption Shards

This is also easier to handle near the Convergence site. The south of POI is a place of corruption. Attack them with your harvesting tools, and a cluster will eventually appear. Use the same method.

Fortnite Dark Jonesey Quest-Return the soul container to the oracle and listen to his vision

As the name suggests, bring Spirit Vessel back to Dark Jonesy in Steamy Stacks to clear punch cards, hear ominous warnings, and get a shiny new glider.

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