Fortnite Ukraine fund raises $144 million in just two weeks

After more than two weeks of fundraising, $144 million raised for humanitarian aid Made in Ukraine by Epic Games. This huge sum of money goes to those who need it most right now. Raised entirely through Fortnite via in-game purchases.

The fundraiser comes at an interesting time in Battle Royale, as it coincides with the release of Chapter 3 Season 2, which temporarily removed buildings from the game in all game modes and added A dedicated parkour system and a variety of new weapons and vehicles.

So not only are your Fortnite regulars’ earnings added to the pile, but also the purchases of those who only popped up at the start of the big update and those who lost their love for the game by building. The end result is an incomprehensible number – split between the charity Direct Relief, UNICEF’s WFP, UNHCR and WCKitchen.

A pessimist might say that the whole situation is a PR move, and while expensive is something Epic Games and Fortnite can afford, when the stakes are high, it’s going to be a lot of money, big for those in need help it. In my opinion, $144 million is a fair price for some point in the gamer’s book.

Do you contribute to the Fortnite Ukraine Fund? If so, is it because of the fund itself, or because you’re a steady player, giving up some V-bucks. let us know!

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