Fortnite will host a “Battle Royale” in November with a prize of more than $5 million

There will not be any face-to-face Fortnite games this year, which means there will be no Fortnite World Cup. At the same time, it is the Fortnite Competitive Series (FNCS), which hosts various events throughout the year, with a staggering amount. Epic has just introduced this year’s finale: FNCS Grand Royale in detail.

Do you know what they call the Grand Palais in Paris? wait.This is Chapter 2 Season 8 FNCS, and for anyone following, Epic has made one as always The unique format and rule set of the game It details how players enter and form their trio (this year’s FNCS focuses on squad trio, not doubles and quadruples). As you have already seen, the headlines have attracted more than $5 million in global regions: most of them, $2,250,300, are located in Europe, because so many competitions are held in this region.