Fortnite’s Dune crossover features the dumbest sandworm ever

Fortnite‚Äôs latest crossover game is dune, Denis Villeneuve will soon be on the big screen, adapted from the epic science fiction novel by Frank Herbert. In any of the many new cosmetics, you will not find Sting in a diaper, I’m sorry to say, but you will catch a glimpse. I’m sure this is the stupidest sandworm in history.

The terrible Shai-Hulud:

(Image source: Warner Bros. Pictures)

this Dur Shay Hurud:

(Image source: Epic Games)

To be fair, Fortnite is not known for its note-by-note adaptations of other attributes, and you may have already understood this fact when you witnessed Paul Atreides. Muadib, The last Duke of the Atelaide family, Mardi of the Freeman, the founder of the Atelaide Empire, holds a biped unicorn in his hand and a large spoonful of Froot Loops in his hand. Still very detailed, but this is definitely more Fornite than Frank.