Forza Horizon 5 comments: An open world full of racing-isn’t it too much?

In the five versions of more than ten years, the most remarkable quality of Forza Horizon is not high-fidelity visual effects, stylish fleet, or immersive control and acceleration. This is the incredible sense of place I get from the environment. This is a fictitious representation of a real place, and in some cases, I have never set foot in the country that inspired it. However, no other racer made me feel that my memories of sunsets on highways, turns of trees, or trees planted precisely like a thousand-page dictionary, are more than just living memories.

Mexico, environment Forza Horizon 5It is not only a quasi return to the origin of the series, but also the best performance in the open world of racing so far. strength horizon After all, most of the state was created from what was once Mexico. The arid canyons, the mountain roads above the forest line, and the rolling farmland all feel like a reunion with the outstanding performance of Playground Games nine years ago — and what Xbox 360 did —. Forza Horizon 5 It is not only the best game in the series, but also a reminder of how good everything is before it. The key is to know how to control the wide range of products in the game without being overwhelmed or distracted by their weight.

Forza Horizon 5 Immediately stunned by the jungle, swamp and beach. All these terrains make sense to differentiate the action, sometimes in a racing series that uses the same car to run 3 times. Road racing may mean a lot of technical turns, requiring something practical, such as a rally car; or it can be driven on the highway, where it can withstand the sheer speed of Koenigsegg, Pagani or Bugatti supercars.

But no matter which way I choose to drive, deal with Forza Horizon 5 support me. The freedom to control the scope and delegate it, only from a modest set of options and adjustments, is better here than any other arcade or action style racing game. In terms of instant playability, it is also better than any racing simulation game I play. (And the visual information, 60 frames per second, smooth and responsive enough to provide a sense of momentum without movement.) As can be clearly seen from the preview, I found that the car got better one If I turn off traction and stability assistance.

A lighter method is the key when driving Forza Horizon 5. Only when I use the “arcade” steering, I feel that I am fighting a vehicle that is constantly trying to re-center, which is typical in “Need for Speed” and similar series. Standard and analog steering, even with stability assist enabled, there is still enough space for me to start and continue drifting.

Drive any race cleanly and successfully complete it, even sprinting at the fastest speed in the gravel-filled alluvial fan of La Gran Caldera, it’s easy. (There is always a rewind function, but only perfectionists need it.) Forza Horizon 5However, what is really effective lies in the toughness of artificial intelligence. Unfortunately, the key part I am looking for is often submerged in the user interface and experience, which can be said to be information overload.

Let’s start with the game map. After playing for less than an hour, it looks like a bulletin board for an overworked police detective-with so many clues, where should I start? How about the point-to-point street racing event Las Alfueras? This is good, but “street racing” can be deceptive because of how many tracks there are on two-lane country roads. The recommended vehicle type and performance classification of the event will give me a clue as to what to prepare, but I can only understand these details after I drive to the event and enter. Knowing these things will save me some time to choose the right car and make sure to adjust and upgrade it before participating in the race. It’s disappointing to attack such a large map of how much information is thrown at me, and this information helps me make so little decision.

Nothing can restrict me from participating in any race car, but the better the car, the fiercer the artificial intelligence competition. Then, if I don’t know my last setting or tire set during this ride, I need to look up through the menu again.Serious racers may not mind this kind of work, but it will inevitably conflict with the infiltrating scavenger spirit Forza Horizon 5The core game loop.

Image: Playground Games/Xbox Game Studio

Even so, the only way to really plan for the game, especially against solid AI, is to run a few times, understand the terrain and the width of the track, and determine whether it is priority acceleration and turning, or pure speed to defend the long On the straight line against the backpack.

I don’t mind trial runs, but I also invested a lot of money in racing games and am ready to put in hours to complete the perfect running task. You should see how obsessed I am with practice, qualifying and settings in other racing games.The fact that I inadvertently broke into a strategically demanding game seems to be related to Forza Horizon 5The overall relaxed tone, especially the countless things dotted on the map, you can taste and enjoy fast shooting.

The map is rich in detail and exciting, but it diminishes my attention. It’s a bit like arguing about a buffet full of delicious food.Although it has a lot of value Forza Horizon 5I feel that there are constant mentions and suggestions from all directions, just like two teenagers blowing up my DM. There is “new!” marked on an event, in a series of events different from what I was looking for. On the way to the next stop of the story-based adventure, the sound of the in-game radio is interrupted with a “skill song”, and my call to the open world is now worth twice as much as XP. Now press X to go to the map!

An interior view of the car in Forza Horizon 5; it was cut off by the influx of competitors on the right.

Responsiveness Forza Horizon 5Reliable handling and smooth frame rate allow me to drive the gamepad from the cockpit perspective, which is something I rarely do in any racing game.
Image: Playground Games/Xbox Game Studio

Finally, unfortunately, if I cross an active Horizon Arcade area, I will automatically enter, and its goals and routes will cover whatever I am doing. If there is a way to opt out of the Arcade event before I really want to participate, I really can’t find it.The mini game is not bad, but I really want to get close Forza Horizon 5The sacrifices are more purposeful. Unfortunately, games rarely let me do this.

In this way, the story and adventure of the game-the greatest narrative experience, calling for Mexico’s unique background and theme-may get lost in the shuffle. These tours provide players with new hideouts and hubs, or provide vehicles, custom accessories, and other cool things to unlock. But I need real willpower to go through all five stages of an early expedition in a row.It’s a distracting maze: several upgrades resulted in several spins, which allowed me to gain great The car (the 2019 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera), I mean, it does not paint or adjust itself. I am grateful that Playground Games has left me enough space to follow my schedule. However, making mistakes in unstructured games and then throwing trash in an interrupted way can make the whole game feel distracted and disconnected.

Forza Horizon 5The two largest suites of user-generated content—painting homework and paint editor, and the new event laboratory—also don’t provide much direction. For vehicle decorations, this is not a big problem, especially if you have experience with previous Forzas customization tools. I still need to fumble through a few menus to achieve the effect I am looking for or understand the meaning of all my options, such as painting the rims on my Maserati GTS.

Forza Horizon​​ n 5 A row of white street racing cars on a neon background

Mexico’s vibrant car culture comes from a loyal family Vocho For the gorgeous, adjusted and deceived street racer, this is the perfect backdrop for an open world driving game.
Image: Playground Games/Xbox Game Studio

Events Lab does not have a tutorial, although it is simple, you can create and share some content in it. In other words, the only superficial level option I can see is to place checkpoints, and I have no guidance on where the checkpoints should go (before the turn? After?) may be a glitch). Events Lab truly puts “self” in DIY, as well as standard polishing, continuity and challenges Forza Horizon 5 It is difficult to complete the game with so little guidance.

It would think that many of Heisenberg’s uncertainty principles are at work in my comment: the game needs to be sampled as much as possible before the deadline. Leaving it to my own equipment, I might be more cautious about playing in the main branch of the event tree and avoiding distractions or unstructured irritability in custom kits. The game does have characters, it does tell a story, and it does all the content as part of their entire career-but its goal is not really necessary for them.So you shouldn’t be afraid to miss it Forza Horizon 5, Especially because it’s on the first day of Xbox Game Pass.

Even now, I can feel my shoulders and chest tighten, thinking about everything Forza Horizon 5, And the difference between everything I have-with a V sound-and everything I have Have —F sound — do it. This is the difference between opportunity and obligation.The only area Forza Horizon 5 I stumbled when it gave me so much of the former that they became the latter.

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