Four Star Wars Battlefront II action figures are coming soon

Every week, Hasbro will be at Take the bounty home. This week’s conference focused on the 2017 Electronic Arts Company’s “Star Wars Battlefront II” video game. Hasbro brought four new action dolls in this game to the market. The four clone soldiers are all wearing some unique armor colors in the game. Three of the numbers belong to the Vintage Collection with a ratio of 3 and 3/4, and the last one is added to the Gaming Greats Black series.

The latter number is Umbra Operative Arc Trooper, black and orange are cool. This clone is about 6 inches tall and is equipped with two pistols.It will be sold exclusively Game stop It is expected to ship in April next year.

The smaller retro version of Umbra Operative Arc Trooper will also be available exclusively in April next year Entertain the earth. This iteration comes with four weapons and a detachable helmet.

The next in the Vintage series is a different Arc Trooper, wearing red and white armor, which looks like the red death ring of Xbox 360 on the helmet.This number is expected to be only in April Big Bad Toy Store.

You guessed it, the last Battlefront II character is another Arc Trooper-this man chose to wear black and white armor with a hint of green to fight.This doll is equipped with four weapons and a detachable helmet. Dorkside toys In April.

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