Free indie game Echo Beach lets you find musicians in a world where music is illegal

In a world where music is illegal, musicians and fans flock to the dark web forum-Musicnet-to share music and talk. Echo Beach, Made by Competitor Developer Tim Sheinman (Tim Sheinman) is set in the background of music being banned and government staff sneaking into Internet forums to find the future of musicians and music bloggers.

exist Echo Beach, I work as a clerk in a government-administered department, responsible for clearing musicians harboured in the music Competitor Before it, Echo Beach With a complete original soundtrack (including 11 songs), this is one of the main attractions of the game. In short, the music is good, bringing together a bunch of different genres and singers.

Echo Beach Mainly set up on a screen, in a cubicle with a computer, notes and a musician tracking system (completely normal), I play the role of staff in the department. The task is to find musicians on the forum and identify them. Carry out elimination. This means pairing a list of real names with their forum identities, and I do this by browsing forum posts and listening to more and more songs. Musicians often quote their songs on forums and give hints and clues about the details of their lives: this information is the key to determining who is who.

Image: Tim Sheman

In a specific week Echo Beach Set up, there is a departmental rally, and the staff are racing to defeat the most musicians-the winner can travel to the nominal beach, which is probably a reference. For Martha and Muffins Songs from the 80s.

The puzzle is not difficult. Instead, they are set up in a way that encourages me to explore, by browsing forum posts and listening to songs, scrubbing the tiny information I need to identify musicians. Throughout the process, there are some simple musical machines that can be used to play chords and drum beats; they are fun to play, but sometimes they also help to identify people.

Echo Beach Its themes are simple and thoughtful: policing, online identity and music.As far as he is concerned, Sheinman said Itchy That Echo Beach It’s about “the tension between trying to live an adult life and creating art for pleasure” and “the value of culture in austerity and emergencies.”

Echo Beach Is a donation-based game, only available on You can play directly in the browser or download the client.