Free upgrades for Doom Eternal’s PS5 and Xbox Series X are now available

Destiny eternalFree upgrades to the latest consoles with three new graphics modes (two for the Xbox Series S) are now available to original game owners.We point it out Doom Eternal Is included in the Bethesda Softworks title buffet that joined the Xbox Game Pass in the spring, so this upgrade covers far more than those who fully purchased in March 2020.

Update 6 also brings new content to all versions of the game. Taras Nabad is a new master-level challenge that takes players to the “Capital of Argent D’Nur”. According to the patch notes.. There is also Corrosion, a new 2v1 battle mode arena that supports battle mode improvements such as rebalancing and bandwidth optimization. All players will also get a chrome-out Ray Tracer Ballista weapon skin to showcase the new hardware features.

In the upgraded version, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S all have performance-balanced graphics modes, HDR10 support in any graphics mode, “Ultra High Quality Style Graphics Settings”, And console support for cross-generational battle modes is available. Predecessor (PS4 or Xbox One). Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 get 1800p resolution and an additional ray tracing mode that runs at 60 frames per second.

Doom Eternal PlayStation 5 adds support for DualSense adaptive triggers. Both the Xbox Series X and Series S have variable refresh rates and variable rate shading.

About Graphical Mode: PS5 and Series X balanced modes offer 4K resolution and 60fps. For Series S, it’s 1440p and 60fps. Series X performance modes are 1800p and 120fps. For PlayStation 5, it’s 1584p and 120fps. For Series S, 1080p, 120 frames / sec.

Up to Windows PC version Doom Eternal, Bethesda only says that ray tracing mode is available depending on the hardware.