Frey’s cat Homer in Forspoken is not starving

Square Enix let us see for the first time forgottenof Story and gameplay In the Sony PlayStation Showcase on Thursday, a new fantasy world developed by Sony was displayed Final Fantasy 15 The team of Luminous Productions. But it is the protagonist Frey’s beloved cat Homer, who stole the audience’s hearts. When fans began to wonder, “What will happen to Homer when Frey kicks his ass throughout the game?”

exist Twitter with YouTube, Fans seem to be excited forgotten, But care about Homer. “What happened to the cat?!?!” they asked. “I need to shut down for Homer…” a fan pleaded. “I 100% agree with others. I can’t bear the guilt of starving my cat to death while playing with dragons in my apartment,” another worried.

But a new one From twitter forgotten Twitter account Appease the fans.

Homer is a talkative Balinese domestic cat with big blue eyes. It does not seem to starve to death during your journey like Frey. Although for those of us with animal anxiety, the guarantee will certainly be appreciated, it is not yet clear what Homer will do. Will she take risks with Frey as some comments on YouTube suggest? Or will Homer relax with the cat sitter at home? The answer we hope to get may be very different from the answer Homer wants.

forgotten It is a third-person action game in which Frey enters a mysterious world called Athia and wields a magic bracelet to fight dragons with magic. forgotten There is no release date yet, but Square Enix and Luminous Productions will release it for PlayStation 5 and Windows PC sometime in the spring of 2022.