Frog comes to Minecraft

In this year’s Minecraft Live, Mojang announced that the next major update of Minecraft will be “The Wilds” to be released sometime in 2022. The humble Minecraft frog.

The frog in Minecraft will become a peaceful mob, and will become the first cold-blooded creature in the history of the block sandbox. Growing up from tadpoles, frogs will choose a variety of different colors according to the temperature of the biome in which it grows. Each color of frog will do some unique things, but these characteristics are not yet determined by Mojang.

(Image source: Mojang)

Our amphibian friends can be found in the newly announced mangrove swamp biome, where they can jump on water lilies and chew on fireflies. The frog looks very cute, but I still think that the cute crown will stay firmly on the newt’s head for the time being.