From Moe’s Tavern to Krusty Burger, this Viking is rebuilding the Simpsons in Wallheim

After decades of teasing us about the true location of Springfield in the Simpsons, creator Matt Groening finally admitted that it was in Oregon after all. But don’t be too sure! These images and videos from Valheim’s specialized builders provide a very powerful example that Springfield is actually located in the 10th Nordic world.

Reddit member OhhhBoyyyyy has been working hard to rebuild some of the famous places of the Simpsons in Wallheim, such as Homer and Maggie’s house At Evergreen Terrace, Moe Bistro, with Crispy BurgerThey are not only beautifully made, beautifully decorated, but also very accurate.

video_tour_of_the_simpsons_house From r / Wallheim