Front Mission 1: Remastered Coming to Nintendo Switch

Front Mission is back with Front Mission 1st: Remake coming to Nintendo Switch this summer. Announced at today’s Nintendo Direct, a remake of Front Mission 2 has also been announced for the Switch at a later date in the future. Check out the entire announcement trailer below!

Front Mission is an interesting option that could be resurrected in 2022. If you want to dive into tactical RPG mech combat, Front Mission might be the place for you. Position and move your troops on the battlefield, and strategically target your opponent’s various Wanzer points to gain the upper hand in battle. Blast arms, legs and other smart targets to quickly drive your enemies out – or stop them from using dangerous weapons. Despite the popularity of the series, many Front Mission games have not been released outside of Japan. Perhaps this remake will bring more attention to the Mechanized War series!