Futuristic action of replaced offer atmosphere

Today’s Xbox showcase featured Replaced from Sad Cat Studios. The replacement will be billed as “Retrofuturism Action Thriller for Movies Set in the American Dystopian Version of the 80’s.” Huh! It’s a bite, but it gives us at least some sense of what we can expect from the project we provided some great animations and art in today’s trailer.

The player manipulates the AI ​​placed inside the human body and follows the person exploring the desolate, near-end world. Combat, in particular, seems to offer some really fascinating twists, focusing on the cool moves that might be seen in high-end action movies. I also saw the protagonist crossing an abandoned building in a sequence of several tense platforms.

The art itself, on the other hand, is particularly striking, using pixel graphics to create a powerful and realistic world that seems to draw players into action.

It seems that the replacement is a debut project from Sad Cat Studios. The development company is based in Minsk, Belarus. The studio is backed by Coatsink for publishing.

The replacement is targeted for release in 2022 on the Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, PC, and Xbox Cloud Gaming and will appear on Game Pass on the first day.

It has been replaced as one of an impressive series of new titles on display at today’s Xbox and Bethesda showcases. Other unexpected new titles include Plague Tale: Requiem, Slime Rancher 2, and Somerville. Of course, I also looked up some famous and famous names. The event included a detailed description of Halo Infinite, Starfield, and more, as well as a first look at Battlefield 2042’s gameplay.

What was your favorite announcement on the Xbox show? Could Replaced get your attention in a mix of big names?