Game Infarcer: Bringing Cheddar Bay Biscuits to Elden Ring from Software and Red Lobster

In an unexpected but mouthwatering development, From Software has teamed up with Red Lobster to summon the restaurant’s greatest asset to the Elden Ring: delicious Cheddar Bay cookies.

In patch version 1.05, players exploring Liurnia of the Lakes will soon find oversized bipedal biscuit monsters roaming alongside the giant lobsters already terrorizing the area. These mouth-smacking enemies attack the player by tearing shards of themselves. When hit, your characters are affected by a “starvation” state, causing them to stop and obsessively devour giant crumbs. This makes them vulnerable to bone-crushing lobsters, making them a delicious lethal duo.

In a press release, Red Lobster describes these delicious troublemakers as “get ready to feast on your runes of buttery, homemade horror! Speaking of feasting, the Lobster Festival is back with Red Lobster! Via Addicted Us The Lobster Lover’s DreamĀ® and our new Lobster Top Stuffed Halibut take revenge on those vile (but delicious) crustaceans! Stay tarnished, not hungry!”

Killing these delicious fears will drop the limited-time “Greasy Butter Fingers” consumable multiplayer item. Using this item will summon a dozen cheddar biscuits enemies into your friend’s session, because according to Red Lobster, “everyone loves a friend who asks for more cookies to serve.” You’ll also get the special “Lean Back and Release” Belt” gesture reward.

In return for the market’s favor, Red Lobster plans to promote the game with a new menu item: Elden Lord’s Feast. The limited-time dish includes fried calamari rings, a side of “out of favor rice,” and an extraordinarily ferocious live lobster that guests must kill at the table.