Game Infarcer: Gaming journalist arrested for watching YouTube gaming tutorials

insider r/GamingLeaksAndRumors A shocking new set of screenshots has been leaked, revealing a gaming journalist’s YouTube viewing history – and the results are astounding. Along with videos like “Easy Authentic Ramen at Home” and “How to Tie a Beginner”, Redditors also found a tutorial for the game called “Kirby Forgotten Land – First Boss Guide.”Understandable grievance, commenters flood social media, share A petition calling for the journalist’s immediate termination.

A post by user BayonettasHusband0 read: “Imagine getting paid to play video games, but you’re still bored with them,” while another frustrated commenter changed the subject, saying: “Nintendo is so lazy. It actually Just a copy and paste of Mario 64 with new characters. You should be embarrassed to even play this game.”

In response to waves of backlash, the journalist recently tweeted, imploring: “Please leave me alone. My 9-year-old son is using my iPad.” Blatantly trying to save his job dissatisfied, one user Hatsune Miku The profile picture says, “Typical gaming reporter and their stupid Apple devices. Probably bought it with the money he gave Pokémon Legends 8.75 cents.” For context, the reporter’s review of Pokémon Legends: Arceus was slightly above Average since the game is currently Metacritic score is a paltry 82.

game deceiver The staff has contacted the reporter for further verification, hoping that he can provide evidence that his son is indeed using his iPad. Whatever truth we can uncover, the facts certainly paint a grim picture.