Game Infarcer: Video essayist spends two hours comparing video games and movies

In an astonishing feat of mental gymnastics, the latest YouTube video from renowned video essayist The Mind Gamer (TIG) takes 2 hours and 42 minutes to break down why Sifu reminded him Old Men – TIG specified movie at 36th minute, not book.

The paper for the TIG video, which begins with a passage from Diana Athill’s 2009 memoir, somewhere to the end, which disappears from the screen too quickly for the reader to finish, goes something like this: “In Sifu, you get older and older as the game progresses. Also, you’re in one country: China. Among them, given that you Might say, the number of people you have to fight in the Four Houses is…” At this point, TIG lowered his voice to almost a whisper to emphasize his point, but it sounded creepy. “… Old Men.”

Throughout the video, which can be found here associationTIG lays out his arguments, never pointing out which themes of the two mediums are even somewhat similar, rather than making a comparison between the names Old Men And Sifu has a much-maligned mechanic with aging characters.

Taking his paper to a personal level and elaborating between Manscaped and Nord VPN’s ad readings, TIG reveals that we too are getting older. “I want to leave you with an idea. We’ll all grow old one day,” TIG says shrewdly in the video. “At that time, which country will we be? At that time, I will be the fourth husband on the other side.”

At the time of writing, TIG’s video, aptly titled “The Fragility of Life from the Perspective of Martial Arts and Tommy Lee Jones,” has received nearly universal acclaim from every echo chamber of the internet. While some pointed out that the text of his core dissertation could be retweeted in about 30 seconds — and even then, video was barely needed — the comments were quickly deleted under mysterious circumstances.

In the days since launch, TIG told Game Infarcer that he’s seen unprecedented growth on the Patreon crowdfunding page.

“It’s great to see this video connect with so many people who are happy to support me financially on Patreon dot com slash The Intelligence Gamer,” he said and advertised. “I love this community and I can’t wait to see them on my Patron Discord server. No, I never check that thing. Are you kidding me? I don’t want to talk to those people. I have mods”

TIG says his next video will be a surprising departure from his previous work. He wouldn’t give us any specifics, but hinted: “You know, I think Fumito Ueda and Steve-O have more in common than people think.”