Game Informer’s ultimate super fun list: the top tree in the game

Ever wondered what is the best tree in the game? No? Seeing this is a holiday, we are bound by the story. Let’s run it and see what happens.

#1 Deku Tree-Why does the Deku tree rank higher than all other trees in the game? Because it comes from The Legend of Zelda, and the Legend of Zelda is like the coolest thing ever. Haven’t you heard? Everything related to Zelda should be ranked first. This is how journalism works. In addition, the Deku tree has a beard. Win-win.

#2 Teldrassil-The ancient world tree in World of Warcraft is the home of the night elves. Of course, the night elves are terrible, because they are part of the alliance, so we will not include Teldrassil. However, later we heard that sometimes stupid night elf rookies would fall from the tree and die, so we moved this tree to the second place. (This is not a Zelda game after all.)

#3 Sunwood or Sudowoodoo or Sunwoody-no matter what the name of the tree from Pokémon is called. This tree is ranked third, because it is a tree in a video game, so it is eligible for the list.

Boy, this is too embarrassing. You see, we originally planned to make this big story about the top tree in the game, but it turns out that there are not many game trees that are really worth writing. I know, we are also very depressed. We plan to make bonus stickers and everything.

Well, we took a breath there. Our mistake. Don’t bother to scroll down anymore. This story is over. We have cancelled the catering service.

What? Why keep scrolling down? Is this a mistake? We told you that this story is over.

Do you want more content related to the game tree? Are you crazy? There are really not so many cool game trees out there.

Seriously, the super happy tree in Yoshi’s Story and the tree blowing garbage at you in Kirby’s Dreamland can jump into the forest fire, we don’t care. Check your email or something. That would be more interesting than this article.

Okay, come on buddy! why did you do this? Stop scrolling.

You keep moving down the page, so now we feel that we must provide you with more content. Now we have to come up with the fourth best tree in all games, so…

#4 Diablo’s skill tree-what! Do you think this doesn’t count? This is a tree. It’s in a game. You crushed us! We have to do something. Now stop scrolling down and the story is over.

Wow, we didn’t expect you to get this far. We really don’t know that people like trees to this extreme. Okay, we will give you another piece of content related to the tree, but then we will cut off your contact. It is unhealthy to think so many trees.

Second prize: the worst tree in the game

Any fallen tree is blocking your way, you can clearly see where you are going, but that damn tree is blocking your way, you can’t skip it, even if it’s only three feet high, and you The character should be easy to skip that thing, so you have to wear another 20 minutes in the forest before you can appear on the other side of the path. Twist that tree.

That’s it. This list is over. Now go draw, climb or plant trees, you tree-loving lunatic.