Game of Thrones Emilia Clarke talks about comics from the era of female heroes

Emilia Clarke wants us to talk about periods, periods. On Thursday, the actress turned into a comic writer Emilia Clarke (Emilia Clarke) (game of Thrones) Talk to Moni Barrette of the American Library Association at the New York Comic Con about creating her debut manga Mother: Mother of Crazy (Image Manga), about a superhero mother who first discovered her power in her time.

In 2021, Clark’s amazing transition from an Emmy nominated actress to a comic book author mother, And Marguerite Bennett (Direct current Comic blockbuster). mother. Tells the story of a single mother named Maya. As if being a single parent is not hard enough, Maya has superhero powers she can’t control and a job she hates. Clark calls this series “dead Pool satisfy Flea bag. ”

Maya was affected by losing her mother and becoming a single mother when she was young. This three-stage mini-series mainly tells the different social pressures that affect women. It’s for young audiences (think Billie Alison’s voice in comic format), and it’s half-joking when navigating what it feels like to be a woman.

The actress attributed her introduction to the comics to her brother. She said: “I am in awe of all this, but I can’t find a way.” Clark said that she felt ostracized by the comics industry when she was young. Recently, however, she has begun to rediscover comics, where she discovered far-reaching stories and magical realms that she thought had been lost when she was a teenager.

Clark said that the concept of the series came from a friend’s joke in the car, “If there is a superhero wearing a costume that she can pee, wouldn’t it be fun? At that time, the budding of this idea appeared, and I started writing , I can’t stop.”

Clark and Bennett developed this story, which uses a glamorous pop culture atmosphere to solve feminism, friendship, and cultural issues. The all-female creative team includes illustrator Leila Leiz, collaborator Isobel Richardson and cover artist Jo Ratcliffe.

Mother: Mother of Crazy
Picture: Picture Comic

For Clark, it was crucial for the Maya to elevate human deficiencies to superpowers. For the actress, it is also important to promote frank and open discussions about menstruation to help eliminate the exaggeration of common biological functions. Maya’s strength depends on her feelings. A small part of her power? They only come once a month.

Maya’s unpredictable power helped her move from dangerous situations (such as bringing down a human trafficking ring) to preparing breakfast for her son effortlessly. Maya and her family’s stakes are greatly increased in the second period motherFortunately, she got help from her friends. What Maya learned is that when she accepts help from others, she will become a better superhero, which is a powerful message for young people.

Maya clothing is another important sticking point for Clark. “For her costume, I turned to Missy Elliott’s fisheye videos and PussyRiot in the 1990s. There is also science throughout all her symbols and signs. We kind of mixed chemical compound symbols and mythological symbols for feminism.”

Barrett asked Clark what kind of feedback she had received from the comics. “My biggest fear is that it will be seen as anti-human, and I don’t want this to happen,” Clark said, adding, “I hope this can accommodate more people. Toxic masculinity is a very real thing. Thing, I hope it’s there.”

mother It’s about what it means to need and receive help. This is about the related challenges of being an emotional person, especially when society demonizes those expressing emotions into madness, instability, or imbalance.

When asked to describe the content of the comics, Clark said: “The story in this book is a kind of goodwill and an openness to each other.”

Image Comics will publish the final issue mother exist October 27, 2021.