Game of Thrones should be just a dragon simulator game

Sometimes, the most compelling concept comes up during patching throughout the development process. This is the case with Fouad Torriss Flying Dragon SimulatorThe idea started as a simple exercise to create a working controller for a non-human character, but ended up as an amazing simulator example where you can run around like a dragon. It was so popular that after so many people expressed interest, Torriss finally released a demo.

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This week we have a pet simulator where you can take care of bugs, a panda, a narrative adventure that reminds us of old-school JRPGs, and the most impressive Spider-Man clone.

Tame dragons and play them in Wyvern Simulator

Flying Dragon Simulator Allows you to glide in the world like a dragon. Developer Fouad Torriss Posted a clip A flying dragon (a special kind of dragon with a diamond-shaped tail tip) running in the desert. This is not a fully fulfilling game, but the animation of the beast’s body undulating as it runs does make this creature come alive.If you think it’s cool, you can download one Free demo Now and keep up with development Game’s Twitter account.

Bugaboo pocket

This game is really bad. No, it’s not that kind of mistake! It is actually full of insects. Bugaboo pocket It is a pixelated pet simulation game where you can handle errors. A short video released by the developer shows you petting and feeding your bugs and decorating their habitat. I will not lie, I am not a real bug person, but these are some cute little animals. Bugaboo pocket Currently produced by a team of four developers, you can follow their game progress Twitter account is here.

I want to wake this sleeping panda

Rain Boy It is a bright and cheerful platform game from Seallliogames in which you can play the human form of the rainbow. A segment of the game shows the encounter between the protagonist and the giant panda sleeping in the woods. The character shouts how fluffy it is, and when you stroke the panda, the floating heart will burst out. Who doesn’t like good pandas snuggling? Rain Boy No release date yet, but listed as “coming soon” On Steam. You can follow the developer’s updates Twitter account during this period.

Bring back the double net swing Spiderman

Developer Gibb0 is remaking the Spider-Man game in Unity.They posted on Twitter Clips that Spiderman is doing Double net swing, the hero shoots the net with both arms. The clip is not suitable for any licensed game and is in the early stages of development, but it is very smooth for fan-made projects.There is no release date for this work, but you can keep up with their work Twitter account.

Minecraft encounters old-school JRPG aesthetics in this narrative adventure

Developer Sev has been developing her interactive novel games part-time during college. But don’t be fooled; her game, Delphinium More substantial than your random incidental items. The game combines the Minecraft style world with the old-fashioned pixelated graphics style of the old JRPG. That, and the golden light that enveloped the world, constituted a recognizable style. recent, She posted a clip A brief introduction to the game’s fishing system. Sev has not announced a release date, but you can pay close attention to her development process Twitter account.