Game you might miss in 2021: Propnight

Ever wanted to play a 4v1 asymmetric horror game in which the four survivors confronted the killer? Wait, this is the so-called Dead by Daylight. Propnight essentially combines the asymmetrical antics of Dead by Daylight with ProPHunt to create a completely different experience, as survivors can become books, chairs, hot dogs, crates, giant pianos and stuffed bears, and in the environment Anything else. Although the game has many different functions and mechanisms that players can recognize from Dead by Daylight, such as survivors working on various goals to open the exit, the tone of the game is completely different. Although the game can still make people sweat profusely, it’s hard to take things seriously when the player has a giant pig and jumps on the killer’s head, stuns them, then jumps into a backpack and hides on a bookshelf.

There are no privileges to filter on either side of the equation, so whether you are a survivor or a killer, props are the key to success or failure. Some props, such as giant pigs or rollers, are easy to spot and chase, but other props, such as small soda bottles or logs, can blend seamlessly with the environment. If you turn a corner as a survivor in the chase and find something you can turn into, the killer can easily run past your position without noticing you standing there at all. Props can also allow you to bypass the environment in a more dynamic way than humans, being able to perform flops, jumps, and other actions on the board in a vertical manner. Of course, the killers are not defenseless here, because they have their own tools. In fact, a killer, an imposter, can actually pretend to be a survivor or become a prop. Talk about deception!

If you are looking for a weird view of existing mechanisms, then you might want to look at this one.

Propnight is currently available on PC.