Garry’s Mod 2 is here, it’s called Teardown

Teardown is a bloody robbery game. Teardown not only showcases the impressive destruction and rendering techniques of developer Dennis Gustaffson, but also cleverly builds a series of carnage in sledgehammer puzzles-forcing you to use limited tools to open up an optimized path at each stage. The second part of the December update went a step further, using two new maps to expand the space of possibilities for Teardown heist. Killer robots and missions use their intensive physical simulations in bold new ways.

Except these are not the reasons why “Teardown” became the first choice for wasting time in 2021. The reason why I played “Teardown” is because thanks to the powerful mod support, this game has become the spiritual successor of Garry’s Mod.

Of course, Garry’s Mod has a more direct sequel. Dubbing S&box, Facepunch’s own follow-up physical sandbox is still in early development.But it was defeated by Gustaffson’s voxel playground, and there has been an explosion of customized content since then Opened a Steam workshop as early as March.

(Image source: Tuxedo Lab)

These comparisons are straightforward and clear. Both GMod and Teardown provide a powerful basis for physical interaction-the former uses Source Engine’s revolutionary kit at the time to create a canvas composed of pulleys, switches, thrusters, balloons, etc., turning “Half-Life 2” into a ridiculous The playground. Based on Source also means that you can extract assets from almost any Source Engine game, putting Portal, Left 4 Dead, Counter-Strike, and Half-Life characters into a messy blender (usually literally).