Gearbox is adding Borderlands 3 Crossplay, but Gearbox was told to remove support for PS5 and PS4

Sony has been isolated by seeing cross-play in the past.The company eventually acknowledged the long-standing pressure to add this feature to games like Fortnite, despite its previous stubborn attitude towards opening up the ability to play across platforms, but still Seems to be Ongoing battle.. Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford has confirmed that Borderlands 3 cross-play is included in future updates to the game, but the “publisher” has removed compatibility with PS5 and PS4 players by certification.

Pitchford used Twitter to check cross-play news, a feature available on Xbox, PC, and Google Stadia players. This was intended to include support for PlayStation players before Sony intervened.

In the tweet above, Pitchford confirmed his cross-play plan. “First good news or bad news,” he began. “Good news: Borderlands 3 update is ready for release and includes full cross-play support on all platforms. Bad news: Remove cross-play support for PlayStation consoles for certification. Requested by the publisher. ”

The publisher of Gearbox in this case is 2K Games. He refers to the “publisher” in his tweet, but doesn’t call his name. It’s unclear if the directive is from 2K Games or Sony, Game informer I reached out for clarity. Given that Sony requires additional payments for cross-play access, 2K as a publisher may have chosen not to pay additional charges. It’s possible that Sony is still on the fence about what justifies cross-play titles under its umbrella. Please bookmark this page for future updates as we’ll keep you updated in the near future.

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