Geforce Now leaked “God of War” PC, Helldrivers 2 and other games, but Nvidia said it was “speculative”

In recent unusual data mining in memory, a developer forced Act now The client revealed some games that are not open to the public, some of which may officially land on the PC.

Geforce Now is Nvidia’s game streaming service. Unlike Stadia, Luna, etc., it relies on the user’s Steam library. In other words, you will not directly purchase content on Geforce Now, you only need to rent a virtual PC.

Although this idea of ​​seamless integration is popular with players, not all developers are involved. Since Geforce Now went live, many publishers withdrew their games from the service.

The problematic C++ developer Ighor July decided to dig deeper into the Geforce Now client to get a list of all “blocked” games, which should theoretically be accessible on the service, but not due to publisher requirements.

They recorded their discovery and process in July In a blog post, And Pavel Djundik of SteamDB Compiled a list of the most interesting revealsThe list is fragmented and includes unreleased games as well as games previously available on the service. It also extends to things like emulators.

But interestingly, some of them point to the Steam version. Sony lists many games in the Geforce Now database, but apart from the games that have already been released, such as Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone, most of them do not seem to indicate the Steam version.

The only exception is God of war, Its entry on GFN includes an-invalid-link to the Steam page. This may indicate that the Ares PC port is about to launch, which is not surprising considering Sony’s new hobby of publishing its backup catalog on the PC.

Sony’s games also include Gran Turismo 7, Demon’s Souls, Ghost of Tsushima, Ratchet & Clank, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, and the recently announced Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection. However, it is difficult to say whether this means that all these games are on their way to the PC.

Since everyone works from home, Sony may simply rely on Geforce Now’s service to facilitate remote development and testing of its games, which may explain why some of these items exist in the first place.

Another weird addition that gives this data a certain degree of credibility is the mention of Hell Diver 2, The sequel to Arrowhead’s cruel, top-down tactical shooter.Developers have been low-key The teasing sequel is in development, So we may be close to the official announcement.

In other places of data mining, July also unearthed references to other projects, such as the rumored GTA Remake, BioShock 2022, BioShock RTX Remake, Batman: Arkham Knight RTX Remake, Mirror Edge RTX remake. However, as pointed out by July and Djundik, some or all of them may just be extracted from other Geforce libraries and may not represent any future versions.

In fact, since the news of the leak, Nvidia told Huaxia Technology Some of them are speculative and used for internal testing. This is the complete statement.

“Nvidia is aware of an unauthorized published game list that contains published and/or speculative games and is only used for internal tracking and testing. Listing is neither a confirmation nor an announcement of any games. “Nvidia takes immediate action Cancel access to the list. No confidential game version or personal information was leaked. “