Genshin Impact 2.2 update will bring new locations, new characters and more later this month

Primordial shock Due to its launch, it will soon receive a considerable drop in content Version 2.2 but meEnter the dangerous maze of fog The update will arrive in the game on October 13th.

According to the new update PlayStation Blog, Developer miHiYo will launch an update, which introduces the final location of the six lightning islands, as well as a new playable character named Thoma, as well as some new challenges and mini-games.

This is a very important update, and then, as the studio technical director Zhen Zhongyi explained in the press release:

“Tsurumi Island, the last major island of Lightning, was finally opened to travelers in version 2.2. The island is shrouded in dense fog, and it is easy for players to get lost and encounter unprecedented challenges when exploring the area,” said the developer.

“The Rift Hound and Rift Hound Cubs are dangerous invisible beasts lurking in the mist, waiting to launch a sneak attack. When the attack hits the character, all team members will be affected by the’corrupted’ state, regardless of whether they will continue to lose HP’ Re-block or not.”

In addition to tricky new mechanics like this, players can also look forward to Tomah-“the popular’fixer’ who debuted in the Lightning Storyline”-as a new playable character.

“Thoma holds Pyro Vision and wields a polearm as his weapon. He is also a reliable teammate in battle, providing strong defense and buffs,” the press release stated. “After Childe returns in the first event wish, players can recruit him in Thomas and Hu Tao’s second event wish. Thoma and Sayu’s Hangout event will also be available in version 2.2.”

Even better, if you like playing action RPG on the Pad, you will be happy to note that update 2.2 adds DualSense controller support to the PC version of Genshin Impact-so if you are a PC player, then you will feel like It’s like playing on PS5 (of course, if you have the right pads).

“In version 2.1, our team introduced the use of adaptive triggers for our fishing game,” said the developer. “When you start to retract, you can feel the tension of the rope change when you pull the R2 trigger. We also applied tactile feedback to certain scenes, objects, and characters.”

Version 2.2 will also make Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy available on all platforms.

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