Genshin Impact 2.3 live: when and where to watch

for Primordial shock Players who are patiently waiting for the new big update, maybe there will be some good news coming soon!A new special plan announcement will be issued soon Version 2.3, Which should provide all the details about what’s going to happen next to our favorite time and money consumption.

This article will quickly take you through when the live broadcast will start, where you can watch it, and what we can see from the presentation of the next major patch. In this way, you can join at any time and capture all updates that occur.

Genshin Impact: When will version 2.3 be released?

The Genshin Impact 2.3 special program will be released on Friday, November 12th at 4 am Pacific Standard Time / 7 am Eastern Standard Time / 12 pm Greenwich Mean Time.

For some people who want to listen, this is too early, but for us British people, it is a good treat, at least they can listen before lunch!

Genshin Impact: Where can I watch the 2.3 stream?

For those who wish to listen to the live broadcast, the Genshin Impact special program announcement will be broadcast live in the following ways Genshin Impact Twitch Official Channel. After the live broadcast, you may also be able to watch the recorded video-on-demand version there!

What new content will Genshin Impact 2.3 bring?

Judging from the announcements of the posters and special program previews, we are likely to take a closer look at Garu! This character is the Geo character you meet in the main storyline of Lightning, and is a senior member of the resistance group that opposes Vision Hunt Decree.

Gorou wields a bow, so if you are still dragging her around at a party, then it might be a good substitute for Amber. Since they were revealed in the Lightning storyline, Goro has been highly anticipated, and as he joins the game, there are fewer and fewer remaining characters in the region.

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