Genshin Impact activation mechanism and how to solve Seirai Relics

The Genshin Impact activation mechanism is a tricky part of the original simple new world mission in the 2.1 update.

You need to activate more than one. Although these puzzles follow a similar pattern to the previous puzzles, the rules are slightly different this time.

Genshin Impact activation mechanism | How to start Seirai’s relic

Go to Xiaoguan Village on Aoi Island, and you will find Toshiko Fujiwara being attacked by some enemies. Defeat them and talk to her to start a new treasure hunt commission.

The next location is nearby, and Toshiko will give you a form that tells you the order in which symbols are activated. The first mechanism is very simple. Just step on the symbols in order.

Genshin Impact activation mechanism | Remains of Seirai Puzzle 2

Lower the hole, and then pull the lever. Start with the rightmost tile and follow the perimeter of the square into the center. As with Genshin’s other tile puzzles, you cannot jump or leave the grid to access the tiles you want. Doing so will cancel your current efforts and force you to start again.

Genshin Impact activation mechanism | Remains of Seirai Puzzle 3

The third puzzle may be a bit difficult. It seems that this may happen randomly, so the solution may change from one game to the next. However, the basic model of “going around and working towards the center” seems to be applicable here. This is the reason for solving one problem we encountered and another change we saw. Before opening the treasure chest, make sure your party is in order. Soon, you will face Hilichurls, Nobushi, and some Cryo and Hydro Fatui agents.

If you are still solving the puzzle in the new Genshin Impact update, we have many guides to help you solve this problem.