Genshin Impact Adventure Rank XP | Daily Commission, Domain, Archon Quest

your Genshin Impact Adventure Rank Decide which quests you can undertake, including limited-time events, and quickly become one of the most important elements of the game.

Earn Adventure Rank XP To do almost everything in the game.

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A short blurb will always pop up showing the experience points earned on the task and the experience points required to reach the next level. When you reach the next level, you will get useful rewards from the Adventurer’s Guild.

As you rank higher, you’ll have access to higher levels of material to further enhance your party, so it’s worth getting more XP.

What does Adventure Rank do with Genshin Impact?

Adventure ranks basically indicate quests and monsters that are ready to be tackled in Genshin Impact, usually increasing as the story progresses. Higher rank requirements mean more difficult monsters and quests related to characters and plot points from the second half of the game.

As you level up your adventure ranks, these quests will naturally unlock and you will be able to participate in events such as midsummer island adventures.

However, you can also raise the world level at certain points.

As the world level goes up, the boss level goes up and the quality of the drops goes up, so if you want to sublimate your character and his talents, you also need to polish Adventure Rank XP.

Like. Adventure ranks are almost always easy to raise by just playing the game and don’t require a lot of sharpening until you reach level 60 or higher.

How to raise the adventure rank quickly with Genshin Impact

The fastest way to increase your adventure rank is to complete the quest, and the surest way is to complete your daily missions.

These are unlocked at Adventure Rank 12. It should be hit in the middle of the prologue quest.

Completing each quest will earn you 225 Adventure Rank XP. Report all four to the Adventurer’s Guild to earn an additional 500 Adventure Rank XP.

Apart from that, the Archon Quest (Main Story Quest) awards a significant amount of Adventure Rank XP. However, they are currently the most limited in number.

Story quests, the lower section of the Quest Journal’s Archon quests, and world quests such as Treasure Lost and Treasure Found Quests offer varying amounts of Adventure Rank XP.

You can see how much Adventure Rank XP the quest offers by looking at the numbers below the green symbol in the rewards section.

World quests take longer to complete, but you’ll also get better rewards in addition to XP, including level-up materials.

Adventure Rank XP Shatter Domain and Boss

This is important because another reliable way to get Adventure Rank XP faster with Genshin Impact is to work on domains and bosses.

After completing the domain, you will earn 250 XP to 500 XP. However, those with better rewards are usually locked behind level gates, adventure rank gates, or both.

Bosses such as Primo Geovishap and Cryo Hypostasis are not.

You can challenge as many times as you like in a day, but you will need to consume the original resin to collect rewards.

As your adventure rank and world level increase, their level will increase and you will want to maintain the party level to get a chance.

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