Genshin Impact banner brings back Hu Tao and Thomas

this Blooming moment with Miniature call The banner has landed today Primordial shock Contains exciting rare characters and new weapons for players to choose from. This time the protagonist is Hu Tao, the curator of Wangshen Funeral Home. He has not appeared on the banner since March. Along with Hu Tao, Thomas, the protagonist in the “Lightning” storyline, appeared for the first time in the banner event. For those who gradually fall in love with Thoma during their travels, this is the first opportunity to get them.

That’s not all! Support characters Diona and Sayu will also return in the Moment of Bloom banner with a higher drop chance, so if you missed them in the previous event, you still have a chance to add them to your collection.

Don’t avoid the weapon banner this time, because it packs an excellent 5-star weapon for a series of characters. Houma’s five-star long-handled staff is a wonderful weapon for Walnut, Xiao, Rosalia and other weapons. On the other hand, Elegy of Doom is a very good auxiliary weapon for long-range characters like Amber and Venti who are good at supporting main DPS characters.

Due to the high-energy charging statistics, other specialty weapons are good auxiliary weapons, so if you want to slightly improve the performance of your favorite auxiliary characters, it may be worthwhile to express some wishes on this banner.

You only have 20 days-until November 23-to scroll for the characters and weapons you want, so don’t wait for any special features in the event to be in your alley. Please don’t break the bank, okay?

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