Genshin Impact Banners: Current and Next Event Wishes

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Keeping up with Genshin Impact banners can be tricky.Regular updates are great, but it also means Genshin Impact characters– and weapons – regularly rotate in and out of the game. It’s easy to miss a hero you’re following, either through bad luck or just unaware that their flag is active. Most characters will return at some point to rerun the banner, so if you miss it the first time, all is not lost.

Banners or event wishes are at the heart of the Genshin gacha system. original gem Used to make a wish on a banner, giving you a chance to roll a character or weapon from the reward pool. There’s also a regret mechanic, which means you’re guaranteed a 5-star hero at the 90th character wish, and a 5-star weapon pulled from the weapon banner Epitome Invocation at the 80th.