Genshin Impact Childe Construction Guide-The best Childe weapons, artifacts and F2P construction

The best Genshin Impact Childe build turns an already versatile character into a Hydro powerhouse.

Childe may be an archer, but he excels in melee combat and may be the best source of elemental damage in your team. There is a new bow basically designed for him, but our F2P Childe structure ensures that he can still maintain the same pressure.

Genshin Impact Child Construction Guide-Childe DPS?

Yes, emphasize. His offensive power may not be as high as Barr or Di Luk, but Childe performed well in the DPS role. His charged normal attack will cause rapids, which is a hydraulic effect that allows him to cause extra AoE damage every time he hits, and improves his skills and burst hit power. Childe also has a unique skill that can turn his bow into a blade that can perform six rapid strikes in a row.

The disadvantage is the cooling time of the skill. The timer increases as the time he stays in the form increases.

Genshin Impact Childe Build Guide-The best Childe build

There is no practical way to allocate Childe between DPS and elemental DPS, because he is very focused on DPS.Our best build choice

Childe Construction Guide-The Best Chide Weapon

The new Polar Star bow is the best choice for Childe. It is tied with Thunder Pulse as the strongest bow, and automatically increases elemental skills and burst damage. After connecting any attack with the enemy, the user gets a layer of Ash Night Star, up to four layers, and the attack of the basic refinement layer is increased to 10/20/30/48%.

In other words, it was essentially made for Childe.

If you caught it before but did not manage to get Polar Star, Thundering Pulse is a suitable second choice.

Childe Construction Guide-The best Chide Artifacts

The Artifact version of Childe has room for flexibility, depending on your play style. The heart of depth is a natural fit.

  • 2 pieces of effect: water damage +15%
  • Four-piece effect: Use elemental skills to increase the damage of normal attacks and charged attacks by 30%, lasting 15s

However, getting the full set is also quite difficult. The two-piece Heart of the Abyss and Shimenawa’s Reminiscence’s 2-piece effect (+18% attack increase) or martial artist (+15% normal, charge and dive attack) works well.

If you are satisfied with his current damage output, we recommend that you use a 4-piece gambler suit.

  • 2 effects: Elemental skill damage increased by 20%
  • Four-piece effect: defeating the opponent has a 100% chance to release the elemental skill cooldown.Can only happen once every 15 seconds

No matter how long Childe stays in the skill pose, this gift will eliminate his cooldown, although the 15-second effect timer means you can’t send spam endlessly.

Genshin Impact Childe Build Guide-The best Childe F2P build

Childe’s F2P construction focuses more on his elemental bursts and regular attack damage, although it is still a powerful one.

The best Childe F2P weapon

Prototype Crescent perfectly blends with Childe’s torrent effect. Charged shots at weak points will increase movement speed, but at higher refinement levels, they will also increase attack by 72% for 10 seconds.

Favonius Warbow is a solid complement to Childe’s abilities, if you have some Primogems you can spare or pull one out of your early wishes. A critical strike has a high probability of the user recovering six energy particles, which means that his energy bar is rarely less than half full.

Best Childe F2P Artifacts

The slight increase in the strength of elemental skills is the only difference between this version and the first version, so the same Artifacts are also effective in this version.

If you want to further strengthen his physical attack, you can choose a complete warrior suit.

  • 2 effects: Increase the damage of normal attacks and charged attacks by 15%
  • Four-piece effect: After using elemental skills, the damage of normal attacks and charged attacks increases by 25% for 8s

Genshin Impact Childe Construction Guide-Best Childe Party Combo

Childe’s dual nature as a long-range and melee attacker makes him very suitable for any party. Since his skills repeatedly apply “wet” to the enemy, he is most suitable for characters that also have repetitive effects, such as Bennett, Diona, and Baal, so he can continue to trigger reactions when the skills are activated.

Hydro’s elemental resonance is only beneficial for treatment. If you need an extra health boost, add Kokomi or Barbara to the party and switch them during Childe’s cooldown.

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