Genshin Impact: Echo Conscious | All Echoing Tales Locations

Genshin Impact Has started updating version 1.6, offering a variety of new content such as characters, equipment, events and quests. The first live event Resonating storyTask you by finding Echoing snails Around the Golden Apple archipelago, from the launch From June 9th to July 21st..

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The main rewards for completing the event are Summertime sparkle, Character costume Barbara.. This free item will be a paid cosmetic for those who did not attend the event later. You can also play additional rewards for Primogems, Mora, and Materials.

How to attend an Echoing Tales event

To attend an Echoing Tales event, you must meet some prerequisites.

The event will be held on several islands Golden apple archipelago..

How to complete the Echoing Tales event

The main goal of the Echoing Tales event is collection Echoing snails.. The shells of these snails are scattered around the island and emit unique sound waves.

Echoing Conch is located in various locations around the Golden Apple archipelago. Explore the islands and collect them using the new Waverider Ship.

Five echo conchs are currently available and will be added in the coming days as the event progresses.

Everything we’ve seen so far was in a high place. They are usually near the edge of a cliff overlooking the sea, and often there are signs of human settlement such as crates or torches nearby.

The location of the echoing snails

When you first arrive at the Golden Apple archipelago, you can only collect 5 echo conch around the island. However, as you progress through the main quests of the event, more items will become available.

The first waves include:

One in the northeast of the northern island, just behind the place where it first spawned on the Golden Apple archipelago.

The other is on the west side of the southern island, under the shelves.

The first place on a shelf overlooking the sea at the easternmost point of the northern island.

The other is on a steep hill towards the center of the southern island. Currently, there is only one that is not near the sea.

This conch is off the northern ledge at the top of the northernmost island.

Each Echoing Conch contains a few conversations that join the lore of the event.You can go to the event menu screen and use it Looking back on snails You can listen to the conch you have already collected again.

This could also lead to solutions to world quests such as “Sea Sounds Ocean Nature Sound” used to unlock treasure chests.

Then, when you reach the second part of the event, another 23 echo conchs will appear throughout the area. I thought it would be best to collect them exactly as they appear on the map and move them counterclockwise.

In the second part of the event, you can find Echoing Conches in the following locations:

Defeat Hirichar, northeast of Pudding Island, and follow the wind to find snails to the top of the spire.

On the rock, in the eastern corner of the map, next to Pudding Island.

An island between Pudding and Twinning.

A high place on the west side of the Twinning Isle.

Inside a giant seashell on the western beach of Twinning Isle.

Look for bird eggs on the ledge in the middle of the northern island of Twining Isle. Jump down the hole next to it and attack the rock. This reveals a secret room with snails inside.

About half of the spire on the southwestern island of Twinning Isle.

Overlooking the ocean on the southern island of Twinning Isle.

The beach on the eastern island of Twinning Isle.

A small island northeast of Twinning Isle.

There is another snail on the beach between Twining and Broken Isle.

And on another island on the same island, protected by hillichurls in the middle.

Then there is another snail towards the top of the misty spire north of Broken Isle.

And just south of the snail is another in a wooden cage protected by hillichurls.

There is another one in the northwest corner of the map.

An island northwest of Broken Isle.

Right next to the beach in the middle of Broken Isle.

Enter the cave in the southwest corner of the map and attack the rock on the left. There is another snail in the secret room.

To the west of Minacious Isle is an archaeological area with Hirichar where you can find other snails.

Next, on the east side of Minacious Isle, there is another snail on a shelf overlooking the sea.

On a small island off the east coast of Minacious Isle, there is a conch on the beach.

Next, on the central platform, there are snails echoing in the bushes on the southwest side.

Second, the last echo conch currently available is on the beach north of the central platform.

How to Collect Rewards at Echoing Tales Events

Collect 24 Echo Conchs to get Barbara’s Summertime Sparkle outfit.

Additional rewards will be unlocked for each number of Echo Conti collected up to a total of 32. Below are all the rewards and the points at which you can claim them.

Number of echo snails collected Primogem reward Character EXP Material Reward Mora reward Character costume reward
Four 60 2x guide to freedom 30,000 Not applicable
8 60 2x guide to resistors 30,000 Not applicable
12 60 Ballad 2x Guide 30,000 Not applicable
twenty four 60 Gold 2x guide 30,000 Daylight Saving Time Sparkle (Barbara)
28 Not applicable 10x hero wit
10x Mystic Enhancement Ore
30,000 Not applicable
32 Not applicable 10x hero wit
10x Mystic Enhancement Ore
30,000 Not applicable