Genshin Impact Event Wish-2 explained

Major news appeared in the recent 2.3 special program stream Primordial shockIn the next few months, we will get a lot of content, including a pair of new characters, a new boss, and a large number of new activities, which will keep us busy.

However, one of the more important changes in 2.3 may be overshadowed by these more gorgeous announcements.It was announced that a New type of wish banner Comes with the latest version of Genshin Impact, which works slightly differently from what you may be familiar with. let’s see.

First announced in the live broadcast, and then elaborated in an article Official blog post On the Genshin Impact website, Event Wish-2 is a brand new system approach that we have seen before.

The most interesting feature in Event Wish-2 is the shared guarantee count. Simply put, there will be two Wish banners running at the same time at a time. When you spend primo gems on a banner, you make progress between guaranteed five-star characters, and the more wishes you make without getting one.

So far, all of this sounds standard, but for Event Wish-2, this tracker is shared between the ongoing standard character event banner and the Event Wish-2 banner. This guarantee counter is independent of other banners, such as weapon banners and standard wish banners.

The blog post’s explanation of the 5-star role is as follows: “If you fail to get a 5-star role after making 50 wishes in the “Character Event Wish” and continue to make a wish in the “Character Event Wish 2”, you can Complete 40 wishes in the “Character Activity Wish-2” and you will be guaranteed to get a 5-star character in the “Character Activity Wish-2″.”.

It went on to say, “If you get a 5-star character from the’Character Activity Wish’ that is not a five-star promotional character in the’Character Activity Wish’, and continue to make a wish in the’Character Activity Wish 2′, then next The 5-star role will be guaranteed to be a 5-star promotional role in “Character Event Wish 2″.”.

All in all, this seems to be an exciting new way to pick old characters instead of waiting for them to appear randomly in limited time events. As a major update of the game is coming soon, it will be interesting to see how this will change the way the community acquires their favorite characters.

If you want to get some primo gems before the 2.3 update, we have a code list for November. Or, the mission of Shadow of the Ancients for a limited time can also meet your needs.