Genshin Impact Halphastum Bomb | Where to Find Craft Materials

Harpastum bomb loaded … blow it away! It ’s a rather troublesome title challenge. Genshin ImpactMidsummer island adventure. You can participate until June 28th. Creating a harpastum bomb It consumes a surprising amount of resources.

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If you want to get all the Harpastum bombs you need for an event, you may need to look for resources.

A craft action will generate 20 bomb types specified, but you will need to collect resources, craft, and participate in actual events multiple times to complete the challenge.

A place to find the stamens of flowers that burn at the impact of Genshin Impact

Fiery flower stamens are a major resource when crafting Harpastum bomb, And the necessary ingredients All three types.. Therefore, you will probably need more of these than any other single ingredient.

Burning flowers are common in grassy areas, so it is necessary to start harvesting this important ingredient from here. Keep in mind that flaming flowers need to be attacked with hydro or cryo skills — erase them and turn them into safe harvestable flaming flower stamens.

Where to find frogs at Genshin Impact

Frog is a necessary material for crafting Straight Shooter Halfastum Bomb, Causes pyro damage to a single enemy.

Frogs tend to hang out in the wilderness near or more often in freshwater areas. The advantage is that when you arrive at their preferred habitat, they are fairly common.

As soon as you find a frog, approach it and interact with it to catch it. Unlike other types of resources, frogs are ready to use in their “raw” form when caught.

Where to find the lizard’s tail at Genshin Impact

The lizard’s tail is a necessary material for crafting Hotpod Halphastum Bomb, Causes a large amount of pyro damage with a small range of effect.

Where is the lizard’s tail? Of course, for lizards! It’s an old joke, but check out.

Lizards spawn in some areas of the map. Mainly around Mondostadt and Riyue, especially Whispering Woods and Lake Stafel (former) and Jueyunkast (latter).

Hunting lizards can be a difficult suggestion. This is because the tail does not fall even if you actually kill the lizard. Resources need to be obtained from live specimens. (Maybe they are lizards that can get their tails back? That’s definitely good, but somehow it doesn’t feel that bad.)

Anyway, when you find a lizard, you need to chase it and interact with it while it’s moving to grab its tail. Lizards usually lay only one or two eggs, so some patience is required.

Alternatively, hitting a bush with a melee weapon in an area where lizards spawn can provide a lizard tail without confusion or hassle. Theoretically; probably somewhere in the bush there is a lizard who disagrees!

Where to find luminous thorns at Genshin Impact

Luminous spines are a necessary material for crafting Floaty Splody Harpastum Bomb, Causes pyro damage to enemies captured by a wide range of effects.

Luminous spines are derived from fireflies and can only be caught at night. It appears in the surrounding landscape at night, especially around Tebat, especially between 10 pm and 2 am. Check out the video below from the YouTube channel Game Minutes, This shows some of the best firefly locations:

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Your instinct may be to dash towards fireflies, but in practice it’s better not to do this! Dashing can cause the fireflies to “disassemble” and eventually despawn, but walking towards the fireflies doesn’t seem to pose much of a threat. Don’t hang around, as they will eventually run away, but don’t run either.

As soon as you are within reach of the fireflies, interact with them and grab their luminescent spine. This is probably not very good for poor fireflies, but it should be.

Alternatively, you can hit the bushes with a melee weapon at the firefly’s spawning ground at the right time to get a luminous spine without the hassle of chasing fireflies (on the screen).

The Harpastum bomb should not be confused with the wind-blessed Harpastum of the same name, which is the gadget used to interact with the Hymn Ring in the Genshin Impact: Midsummer Island Adventure. See our guide for solutions to all the hymn ring puzzles in the Golden Apple archipelago.