Genshin Impact | How to Start an Adventure on a Midsummer Island-Lupical, Meaning of Truth Leisure

The beginning of the sunny season brings a brand new area Genshin Impact In Midsummer island adventure..

During the event, travelers and their friends can visit idyllic paradise, complete story quests, play mini-games and collect exciting loot.

However, there are some things you need to do first before you can participate in the fun.So here it is Genshin Impact How to Start a Midsummer Island Adventure..

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How to start a midsummer island adventure with Genshin Impact

First of all, you need to download the latest version 1.6 of the game to start Genshin Impact Midsummer Island Adventure.

This is a chunky file on a poor connection like me – it was over 13GB on the PS5 – so plan your time and hard drive space accordingly.

Second, according to the patch notes, once you’ve jumped into the game, you’ll need to complete two of Genshin Impact’s main story quests.

  • Clay’s Story Quest “Triforium Chapter: Act 1: True Treasure”
  • “Prologue Act III-Song of Dragon and Freedom-“

So basically, to access the Midsummer Island adventure, you need to defeat Stormteller in Montstadt and complete the story arc of some side characters.

If these requirements are met, Klee should appear with a mysterious letter detailing an unexplored or unknown island in the ocean.

The Traveler and his party, who were so fascinating and not to be missed, set out to see what secrets awaited them.

However, Genshin Impact doesn’t explain this well, but True Treasure has some unique prerequisites.

To unlock the True Treasure quest, you must also have completed the Amber’s Wind, Courage, and Wings arc and the Lupus minor chapter “Lupical Meaning”.

Meaning of Lupical Quest of Genshin Impact

To unlock the Lupic meaning in the Midsummer Island Adventure event information, you must first complete Amber’s Story Quest, Wind, Courage, and Wings.

This is a series of missions where Amber will teach you how to glide and get a gliding license at the beginning of the game. Most players need to unlock this as part of the main story, but it looks like a tutorial, so not everyone completes it.

Check the quest log, follow the simple steps, and finally complete the dungeon.

Completing Act 1 of Wind, Courage, and Wings will automatically unlock the meaning of the Lupine quest.

The quest marker is just outside Mondstadt in Wolvendom.

Where to find True Treasure quests in Genshin Impact

The True Treasure quest, which previously had a much higher requirement for Adventure Rank 31, has been reduced to allow more players access to Midsummer Island adventure events.

You can now complete True Treasure at Adventure Rank 21.

As before, True Treasure is unlocked upon completion of the Lucal Arc meaning. It unlocks when you complete the Amber Wind, Courage, and Wing Arcs, as described above. Then get a quest marker to meet some friends at Diluc’s Tavern in Mondstadt.

Complete this series of quests to embark on a new midsummer adventure.

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