Genshin Impact Kokomi build and use of the best Kokomi weapons and artifacts

the best Genshin Impact Kokomi build Turn the leader of the Sangonomiya resistance movement into a powerful and flexible asset to keep your team alive in difficult situations.

She is an adjuvant healer with more DPS potential than Barbara, but it usually depends more on the environment than a sub-DPS healer like Bennett. Nevertheless, for any team with F2P options, she is a powerful supplement to play the best of her two worlds.

Genshin Impact Kokomi Build Guide | Is it Kokomi DPS?

Kokomi is a supporting role first, although she can also serve as a secondary DPS role. Her 18 basic attacks are below the five-star standard, putting Kokomi on the same level as Sara and Aloy. General Sangonimiya is essentially a better Barbara. Her skills can apply moisture, restore health, and cause damage to the enemy, while her burst increases attack power and heals the team based on Cocomei’s health.

Genshin Impact Kokomi Build Guide | The best Kokomi build

You can build Kokomi as a healer or a mixture of healer and Hydro sub-DPS. Considering her skills, the two versions have some overlap, but the weapons and artifact sets are quite different.

Kokomi Build Guide | The best Kokomi weapons that support DPS

Kokomi’s iconic weapon Fumetsu Gekka (Eternal Moonlight) complements both sides of this construction. The second is to increase HP, only Skyward Atlas surpasses it in strength. However, Fumetsu Gekka’s refined skills are the most interesting feature.

It directly increases the healing effect by 10%, and the normal attack increases the character’s maximum health by 1%. After the holder uses the element burst, normal attacks restore 0.6 energy every 0.1 seconds.

With this weapon, the benefits of Kokomi’s attack are negligible, but it is enough to help her deal with most threats while acting as a near-permanent healer for the party.

Kokomi Build Guide | Best Kokomi Artifacts Supporting DPS

This version can use Artifacts flexibly, but our highest recommendation is to combine the suits of the beloved girl and the adventurer to maximize the benefits of skills and bursts.

  • Girl’s beloved 2 effects: The healing effect is increased by 15%
  • Adventurer 2 effects: HP cap increased by 1000

If you can’t heal more, please replace the girl’s beloved artifact with a martial artist or the heart of the deep sea.

  • Warrior 2 effects: normal and charged attack damage increased by 15%
  • Heart of the Abyss 2 effects: 15% increase in damage

Kokomi Build Guide | The best Kokomi weapon for sub-DPS

If you prioritize attack over treatment, Skyward Atlas is the best choice. It is the strongest catalyst, with secondary attributes that can enhance the user’s attack power, and refined skills can increase elemental damage by up to 24%.

Kokomi Build Guide | Best Kokomi Artifacts of Sub DPS

The Heart of the Deep Sea is a solid complement to Kokomi Skyward Atlas.

  • 2 effects: 15% increase in water damage
  • Four-piece effect: After using elemental skills, the damage of normal attacks and charged attacks is reduced by 30% for 15 seconds

Genshin Impact Kokomi Build Guide | The best Kokomi F2P build

If you have used all the Priogems to obtain Kokomi, there is still a powerful build option that will not cost you any additional costs. Kokomi’s F2P construction balances her healing ability and attack potential.

The best Kokomi weapon for F2P

Compared to most F2P versions, this weapon is more difficult to install, because the available catalysts you can forge are a bit bland. However, the white heart ring is a good choice for Kokomi with low DPS, even if it has strange special refinement skills.

Hakushin Ring increases the user’s energy recharge. If the bearer triggers an electric reaction, the additional elements participating in the reaction will gain a 10-20% damage increase for 6 seconds. Even without the bonus, the white heart ring is only slightly weaker than the five-star catalyst, which makes it the almighty of the two roles of Kokomi.

Best Kokomi Artifacts of F2P

Kokomi’s F2P construction has a certain degree of flexibility for Artifacts. The 2-piece effect of the instructor or wanderer group increases the element mastery by 80, which is very consistent with the white heart ring and its reaction-based rewards.

The 2-piece hydraulic damage bonus of Heart of the Abyss is also effective here. You can mix it with a martial artist to further improve Kokomi’s sub-DPS ability. As with support construction, if you want more treatments, please exchange Maiden Beloved as needed.

Genshin Impact Kokomi Build Guide | Best Kokomi Party Combo

Kokomi’s role as an auxiliary or sub-DPS means that she is very suitable for most party combinations. If you use our F2P version, then it is only natural to have an Electro character, such as Baal or Sara. Other powerful options include Cryo to trigger the Frozen response. Ayaka only imposes Cryo by sprinting, which makes her a good choice, although PlayStation users shouldn’t ignore Aloy.

Since Kokomi’s burst is one of her most important functions, you also need a good energy battery. Kazuha is particularly good at this, because he generates a lot of energy while causing a lot of damage and triggering the vortex, although Sara also performs well in this role.

If you don’t want to use the artifact slot with your beloved girl, please add another Hydro character to your team, such as Xingqiu. The elemental resonance effect increases the healing effect by 30%.

This is our Genshin Impact Kokomi build guide. If you still want to know how to deal with the other new characters in the 2.1 update, we also have detailed Baal, Sara and Aloy build guides, as well as how to get Kokomi’s new ascension materials, Sango Pearl and Spectral Husk.