Genshin Impact Mural | Everywhere in the quest across the island and the sea

The other side of the island and the sea It is a world quest that you can get when you reach the second act of Genshin ImpactMidsummer island adventure.

In this quest you need to find and display 5 Mural Scattered around the Golden Apple archipelago. When spying on one of these murals that resembles a cave painting, take a picture and add it to your quest log.

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This quest is active the first time you shoot one of the murals, so you’re very likely to come across a mural while working on another quest. Read below for all the mural locations you can use to start the quest.

Find all the murals around Twining Isle

Three of the five murals are in the Twinning Isle, but there is a minor problem. Twinning Isle is actually a collective term for island chains within the Golden Apple archipelago, and each of the three murals here must go to a different land.

Read on to find out where to go and what to do when you get there:

Where are the Twinning Isle murals?

The mural, named after the Twinning Isle itself, is to the south of the two major islands of the chain. This is the largest circular island to the south of the chain, with twinning aisle waypoints.

In the center of the island is a large arch leading to a small walkway.

The mural here represents a mountain with star symbols and figures.

Where to find nameless island murals

If you don’t know where the unnamed island is, or if you think it’s in another part of the map (sometimes called the same near Starfell Valley), don’t worry. We didn’t do that until we found the name (or its lack) in this mural. Until now, we have called it the western island of Twinning Isle.

But no, I found that Twinning Isle probably only refers to the two largest islands on the chain … so I guess the name. The third largest island to the west is an unnamed island.

There are no waypoints on this island, so slide there to the northern mountains. Standing on the beach side, you can see a fairly abstract mural. If you look closely, it looks like a person trying to escape from the waves.

Where to find nameless island murals

After all, Nameless Islet is the northernmost island of the island chain we collectively know as Twinning Isle, and the northernmost of the entire Golden Apple archipelago. You can get there by moving from north to north on the two major islands. Again, there are no waypoints, so you’ll have to glide or ride a wave rider.

This is a much harder to find mural, as there are many conditions that can prevent you from getting to it. Most annoyingly, Nameless Islet is foggy and almost inaccessible all day long. The fog only rises in-game from 10 am to 2 pm.

To more clearly locate the islets in the fog, you need to pick up the Echoing Conch, just south of the Twinning Isle teleport waypoint. Accepting the quest “Fog and Wind Journey” while in the main of the South Island will give you more pointers to reach the island.

This islet is small, with murals (with some people boarding the boat), as well as an echo conch and some chests. Take a closer look before you leave.

Find the mural of the broken island

The Broken Isle mural is a bit hidden, but fortunately, if you know where to look, it’s too burdensome to reveal.

Travel to Broken Isleway Point to South Beach on the island just below the teleported mountain.

Here you will see a mini-game of painted walls marked with an image of Dodo King. Use the windy Harpastum to break this wall and enter the revealed cave.

There may be small enemies here, but more importantly, there are also murals. This very abstract mural is actually a hint to complete the Mural Lake puzzle, which is the central mystery of Broken Isle.

Find the Mural of Minacious Isle

Fortunately, this is very easy to find. Go to waypoints and head east towards the mountains.

There is a rock overhang on the west side of the mountain. The mural is partially protected, but should be easy to see when approaching.

This mural shows a large wave crashing against a ship.

What to do after shooting all the murals

Once you have all five photos, head to Mondostadt. In the Knights of Favonius library, you can talk to a researcher named Sayid. Sayid is very happy to stitch together the stories told in the murals.

This completes the quest “The Other Side of the Island and the Sea”. You will receive generous rewards for your dedication to tourism: 350x Adventure EXP, 30,000x Mora, 40x Primogem, 3x Heroes Wit, and 6x Mystic Enhancement Ore.

If you haven’t embarked on a midsummer island adventure with Genshin Impact, check out our Getting Started Guide.

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