Genshin Impact: Potions Research event is live!

Potions Research, the latest events are added to Genshin Impact Now live as part of its massive 2.4 update! This limited-time opportunity puts players on special realm challenges, where they must defeat powerful enemies with their characters or clue characters tailored specifically for these challenges.

To help them achieve their goal of getting a gold medal in each challenge, players have access to a plethora of potions. These provide your party with unique rewards that help close the power gap between your team and the enemies you’ll face.

As of today, the first set of challenges is open, and the other two will be released in the coming days. Those looking to take A Study in Potions will want to do it as soon as possible, as the event is only set for the next 9 days. Once it’s gone, it’s gone, so be sure to give it a try if you can.

The rewards for completing new events are huge, including starter gems, upgrade materials, and more – which means no matter how committed you are as a Genshin Impact player, there will be something worth the effort.

This event is the latest addition to the 2.4 update, and it brings players a slew of new adventure paths and rewards for players to jump into. The biggest of these is Enkanomiya, a permanent addition to the game with its own storyline and unique collectibles. Later this month, we’ll have more events like Windtrace and the Lantern Festival.

In more Genshin Impact news, gameplay for the upcoming character Yae Miko leaked online ahead of time. If you’re looking for more guides, we now have builds for Ningguang and Xiao live!