Genshin Impact star gems and where to find Electro Seelies

The Genshin Impact star gem is part of the new Tsurumi Island mission, but you need to complete the first few stages before you can get a new gadget, the peculiar pinion.

After completing A Special Author, you will unlock Maushiro’s octave the next day. Complete this operation to get Peculiar Pinion, a small tool that allows you to interact with Thunderbird icons and reveal hidden secrets.

All the star-shaped gems are underground, close to the relay puzzle you completed in the author’s mission.

Genshin Impact Star Gems-Star Gems 1 position

The first gem is in the relay puzzle room. Entering the ruins, you will see a thunderbird icon on the wall. There are no puzzles or challenges around this.

Genshin Impact Star Shaped Gems-Star Shaped Gem 2 location

The second gem is across the room, on the left side of the stairs. Use the small gear again to remove the wall, and then fight the ruined sentry inside. Otherwise, it may track you and prevent you from using the small gear on the wall next door.

Genshin Impact Star Shaped Gems-Star Shaped Gem 3 location

Leave the room with the second gem and turn left. The last thunderbird icon is on the wall at the bottom of the stairs. Enter the room, immediately turn right and climb the wall. The third gem box is at the top.

Go to the larger room where you completed the Seelie puzzle in the author’s task, and then enter the room with frescoes. Place each gem on the wall to scatter electron Celis from the earlier room. Your next task is to find them.

Genshin Impact Star Gems-Electro Seelie Location

Electro Seelies are scattered in their usual way, although they go further than usual. We have drawn their locations below to make it easier.

The first Seelie is near the Shirikoro signpost and the second is at the top of Kanna Mountain. The last one is where you first learn about perches and the rituals on the island.

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