Genshin Impact Thoma Construction Guide-The best Thoma weapons, artifacts, etc.

The best Genshin Impact Thoma build turns the anchor of Narukami Island into a strong defender.

He is versatile and can fit into almost any team lineup. Don’t expect to get too much DPS potential from him, but with these builds, you don’t need it anyway.

Genshin Impact Thoma Build Guide-Is Thoma a DPS?

Thomas is an auxiliary DPS character that focuses more on defense than offense. Compared with other characters, he occupies a fairly niche position. Even according to the four-star standard, his attack data is very low, but Xiangling’s performance as a DPS character surpasses him. Toma’s biggest advantage is his shielding ability, although Xinyan’s offensive shield makes her a more flexible choice.

His utility lies in how the shield works. Toma’s level is based on his health. Although this attribute is quite low, every time Toma uses his skills, the absorption of the shield will stack.

Every time the active character triggers the flame collapse, his burst will produce an effect, which will produce a shield. Once Tomah activates this ability, they can do it every second.

Genshin Impact Thoma Build Guide-The best Thoma build

You can build Thomas for DPS, but we only recommend it if you have Engulfing Lightning. Xiangling is free, so if your team needs a Pyro user who is purely focused on DPS, if you haven’t managed to get Baal’s spear, focus on her.

Thomas’ more flexible structure maximizes his support potential by increasing his health and recharging.

Thoma build guide-the best Thoma weapon that supports DPS

Devouring Lightning will increase the user’s attack power and energy replenishment, which is ideal for Tomah (if you are not using it on Baal). Not only can he break out more frequently, but he can also deal with the enemy on the field. Using burst will increase the charge, and then will attack in a short time.

You need another DPS character to work with him against more powerful enemies, but this is an effective choice for support and response settings.

If you don’t get the Devouring Lightning, Skyward Spine is a good auxiliary tool that can support energy replenishment to a lesser extent, but it will also increase normal attack damage and speed.

Thoma Build Guide-The best Thoma Artifacts that support DPS

The 2-piece effect of Exiles and Scholars increases the charge by 20%, which is a natural choice for this construction. The 2-piece effect of Gladiator’s Finale increases attack power by 18%, or if you rely on Thomas’ skills to cause damage, the 2-piece Scarlet Witch suit increases Pyro’s damage by 15%. Either it is a reliable choice.

Genshin Impact Thoma Build Guide-The best Thoma F2P build

Thoma’s F2P construction is also his best support option. The main focus of this version is to increase the strength of the shield, although it is very flexible and also supports charging focus.

Thoma build guide-the best Thoma F2P weapon

Catch or Prototype Starglitter is ideal for this version. Both have the same attack attributes and energy replenishment bonuses. The Catch increases Burst damage and crit rate, so it is very suitable for Recharge Artifact construction, and Starglitter will increase normal attacks and charged attacks after using elemental skills.

If you choose the Recharge Artifact version, Catch is the best because it can increase your explosive power.

Regardless of your choice, you can get both without spending Primogens. Catch only requires a lot of fishing, if you have the materials, you can forge Prototype Starglitter.

Thoma Build Guide-The best Thoma F2P Artifacts

For this version, we used the Adventurer suit and Retracing Bolide.

Adventurer 2 pieces Effect: Maximum health increased by 1000 Retracing Polyd 2 pieces Effect: Shield strength increased by 35%

This version can maximize the use of Thomas’ shields, but if you find that you need help using his bursts more frequently, you can replace one of them with a scholar or an exile.

Genshin Impact Thoma Construction Guide-The best Thoma party set

Toma’s nature as a supporting role means that he can be used with almost any other work. His shield provides DPS support to powerful attackers and covers the therapist when the healer recovers, so the main thing to consider is which reactions his burst can help trigger.

We recommend adding an Electro role for Overload, such as Sara or Fischl, and a Hydro role for Vaporize. Kokomi, Barbara, or Childe are good choices for any of them, because each of them has a way to continuously moisten the enemy within a fairly short cooldown.

For the fourth slot, another Pyro character will activate Blazing Flame and increase attack power by 25%. It still won’t push Thomas into a full DPS role, but every bit helps.

The next Genshin Impact update will introduce a new island, but if you are still exploring the rest of Lightning, we have a guide to some more difficult puzzles, including Tianyun Peak, Xing Lei’s Memories, and Shuiyue Pond puzzles.