Genshin Impact Treasure Lost, Treasure Discovery | Location of stone and jade boards

While exploring the Gili Plain in central Riyue, I was with researcher Solaya. Lost treasure, found treasure quest.

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Unlike many quests in Genshin Impact, You are expected to do your own research and find both Stone board And Jade plate Ambiguous map markers only or not displayed at all.

Genshin Impact Treasure Lost, Treasure Discovery | Stone Plate Location

After talking to Solaya, your goal is to move on to the nearby Gili Conference, looking for five ancient stone slabs.

The first stele is north of the quest area, overlooking the edge of a cliff surrounded by red leaves.

Next, at the westernmost end of the quest area, there is another stone slab.

Then continue around the circle and you will find another stone slab surrounded by vegetation in the southwest corner.

Then, in the middle of the circle, there is a fourth stone plate facing south. It is surrounded by torches.

Finally, the last stone tablet is in the middle of the stone circle, on the southeastern corner of the quest area circle, a short distance from the rest of the ruins.

To continue, speak to Solaya again and point to two more stone plates east and west of where you are standing.

Fortunately, these have specific markers.

Initially protected by Hillichurls.

The second is in an abandoned building protected by various enemies.

When you’re done, return to Solaya to complete the first part of the quest and ask her to meet her at the Wangshu Inn in the north. She is right next to the teleport spot.

Genshin Impact Treasure Lost, Treasure Discovery | Jade Plate Location

Talk to Soraya at the Wanshu Inn to fill in the backstory of the Treasure Lost, Treasure Found quest.

From your perch high up in the inn, she sends you after four jade dishes on the southern plains.

The first is just south of the inn and is marked on the map.

Glide there to get a better understanding of what you’re looking for: the carved stone circles that form the jade plate.

Defeat the slime on the first Jade plate to activate the structure.

We need to find clues to the location of the other three Jade plates. Or you can get a better look at the map more easily.

At the four corners of the last-minute plain, you can see three triangular white blocks on the map. Click here for the jade plate.

The second Jade Plate is on the east coast, just below what is labeled the Gili Plains on the map, and is surrounded by treasure hunters.

The third is in the southeastern corner of the area, near the teleport point.

And finally, the last jade plate was found next to Ruhua Pool on the west coast. A place with a mage in the abyss of fire and a thorn guarding the ring.

Once you have activated all the Jade plates, you will be asked to look for the last plate when you return to Solaya.

Genshin Impact Treasure Lost, where to find the last plate at Treasure Found

To track the last plate, you need to return near the first devastated Gili meeting you visited.

Just north of that area is a dark circle on the map. Here you will find holes filled with water, many golems, and the last Jade plate.

When you activate it, the golem will come back to life and protect your prize. Defeating them by all means drains the water.

At the bottom of the hole, you can open many large chests and steal what’s inside.

With your loot safely hidden in your pocket, return to Solaya again. Solaya completes the ultimate rewards, Primo Gem and Adventure Rank XP quests.

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