Genshin Impact Wishes-How to unlock sounds tuned to the world

Genshin Impact Wishes is the last consul mission in the lightning storyline.

If you want to participate in the sound of the tuning world, you need to complete it first, which means that your adventure level is also at least 30. Fortunately, the task line of the Lightning Archon is quite simple, although its text is also very heavy and takes some time to complete.

Genshin Impact Wishes-How to Unlock Wish Missions

As you might expect, you must complete all other Archon missions in Chapter 2 Lightning to unlock the wish. Most of these involve talking to different people at specific times, although Act 1 also requires you to complete story missions for Ayaka and Yoimiya. These are more involved, but also fairly simple, with no puzzles.

Genshin Impact Wishes-Baal boss fight

The climax of Act 1 is the battle with Baal. Although you don’t have to win completely, you do need to reduce her health to a certain level. This is a difficult battle, and we recommend bringing a Geo character to help the team resist Barr’s fast and fierce attack.

She is almost always influenced by Electro, so the roles of Pyro and Cryo are also good choices. If you are still experiencing difficulties, be sure to bring a therapist, such as Kokomi.

The second act is shorter and introduces you to the Sangonomiya Resistance on Watatsumi Island. There are many things to do, but you can wait.

Act 3 was significantly improved, bringing Fatui to the scene. The wish itself is the last task in the chain. It only requires you to talk to Yae Miko at the Naruto Grand Shrine.

Genshin Impact Wishes-Sounds adjusted to the world

Upon completion, you will learn about the current story of Genshin Impact and can begin to tune into the sound of the world.

There is a new rhythm mission every day until October 21. When the final mission is unlocked and rewards you, you can use special Guzheng at key points around Teyvat.

Now that you have passed through the lightning, take a moment to complete Genshin Impact’s new world mission. Check out the legend of Dodoro, the purification of sacred cherry blossoms, and the puzzles of Tianyun Peak to make the most of your time in the Eternal Land. There are also fishing, treasure hunts and new territories-there are plenty to keep busy.