Genshin Impact-Yae Miko’s game screen has been leaked

Just when you think you have mastered a brand new Primordial shock Content and 2.4 update, new lens Yae Miko Online shows the characters walking around in the game, as well as a quick glimpse of their attacks and abilities.

Although we have not confirmed the release date of Yae Miko, the official Genshin Impact Twitter account has released a brief overview of the character and a beautiful artwork. Yae Miko is a very important character in Inazuma’s storyline, so it stands out as a very popular addition to the Genshin Impact community roster.

With this in mind, you can only imagine how excited people are when they see this leaked game screen (embedded below). Ubatcha, a well-known leaker, was published on the Internet on behalf of another well-known leaker abc64 (whose joke was previously interpreted as a real comedy effect), which is the first and most detailed observation of the character.

This is a quick recap of what we saw in this video. First, let’s take a closer look at some of yae’s regular attacks, spinning around their catalyst and throwing short-range lightning attacks. On the other hand, the eightfold heavy blow seemed to be a frontal lightning strike, somewhat similar to Lisa’s heavy blow.

In terms of elemental capabilities, we saw that Yae deposited some electronic crystals while pushing back. Although we didn’t see how they hurt the enemy, we did see them connected together, which may allow Yae’s lightning to strike at greater distances. Finally we got their ultimate skill, a huge lightning strike, violently hit the ground in front of Yae Miko and exploded many times.

Although we are not sure exactly when the new major update of Genshin Impact will arrive (I mean, please, today’s last update has actually been deleted), it’s clear that we have added a whole new thing to our party worthy expect. If Yae is more to your taste than Shenhe or Yunjin, maybe you can start to preserve those original gems.

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