Genshin Impact’s energy amplifier achievement event is coming soon

A brand new event will be launched soon Primordial shock Tomorrow, call Energy amplifier results Activities, which gives players who don’t have much to do during this holiday a much-needed to kill time.

Therefore, for those who are looking for opportunities to get some rewards (including primary gems, magical and upgrade materials), this article will break down the event so that once it goes online, you can know exactly what is in the store.

First of all, you need to be at least 20 or above adventure level to participate in the energy amplifier achievement activity. You must go to Hosseini in Liyue to take the power amplifier from him. With this Gizmo, you can get Irminsul Fruit Fragments from all over the world, allowing you to configure gadgets.

Once charged and ready, you can go to the deceptive domain to get rewards. Sounds simple, right? Well, the significance of this event is far more than just participating in this field for the first time.

Go back to the hidden fruit fragments and you will find enhanced enemies that you can deal with. Beating these will provide additional rewards, including Mora and Primo gems.

The energy amplifier allows players to use fruit pieces and power themselves. This is important because it allows you to return to the realm of deception and get more rewards by getting higher and higher scores.

The duration of Genshin Impact’s energy amplifier achievement event varies from December 24-January 3 server time 3:59! So be sure to jump in and test as much as possible!

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