Genshin Impact’s KFC glider event angered the ribbon

For all Primordial shock Players have a collection of gliders in their hearts. As you may have seen, it was once unique to China. KFC Glider Coming to the west! However, instead of buying a bunch of chicken, it is better to make a gifted subscription on Twitch to get the glider.

Sounds great, right? Well, the Twitch anchor here has some controversy behind the scenes. Therefore, for those who want to understand the situation, this article will take you through the whole ordeal.

Let’s start from The glider event itself. Starting from November 25th, players will be able to access the streaming media platform Twitch, go to participating streamers, and purchase a two-month Tier 1 subscription (approximately $10) for the channel.

Instead of eating a big bowl of chicken, this will serve as a way to reward Genshin Impact content creators on paper and provide good rewards for players. The friction here seems to come from the anchor itself, because many of the largest Genshin Impact creators have come forward and said that they either refused to participate or had never contacted them.

Highlighted in Twitter posts created by such anchor TecTone with 560,000 YouTube subscribers and 715,000 Twitch followers, public requests include responses from other content creators in the list of supported anchors. As a result, many anchors have built their own important communities around Genshin Impact and said they refuse to participate.

but why? Well, this seems to boil down to the contract. According to a video of the same TecTone, there may be some conditions in the KFC glider activity, which will make some anchors feel uncomfortable.

Allegedly, these include being unable to accept sponsorship within two weeks of the event, being unable to comment negatively on the competition, having to broadcast Genshin Impact exclusively within these two weeks, and not being paid for participating in MiHoYo. We contacted several of the anchors, They were asked if they could elaborate on the reasons for their non-participation, but they have not yet received a response.

This seems to have rubbed some of the most popular faces of Genshin Impact on Twitch in the wrong way, resulting in a lack of participation. Now, people will definitely accept MiHoYo’s offer. We can see this news by launching Twitch’s Genshin Impact tag on November 25, but the participation of some of the more popular characters in the scene has not yet been announced. One thing is for sure Yes, if we just need to buy some chicken, then the drama will be much less.

In addition to this glider promotion, the next few months will look very exciting for the Genshin Impact player base. The 2.3 update brings a series of new content, as well as a new Wish system, you can read both on VG247.