Genshin Impact’s new barbecue network event is live

A new limited time network event has been launched Primordial shock, This time with a paper samurai-style hand as the protagonist, the player helps him recreate the delicious grilled fish of the past. This event is called “Delicious! Barbecue under the Stars” and lasts only one week, so if you are eager to get some extra in-game rewards, you’d better join now.

The event is located on the Lightning Coast, allowing you to relax on the beach with Childe and Xinyan, and barbecue some exclusive delicacies for the event at the same time! The event only lasts from today until November 7th at 8 am Pacific Standard Time / 11 am Eastern Standard Time / 4 pm British Standard Time, and offers various rewards such as Mora and Crystal Core. To participate in this limited activity, you must be at least Adventure Level 10.

For those who wish to get all the rewards from this event, please check our guide on all grilled fish recipes.

The network activity revolves around a simple mini game. As a traveler, you can grill different fish for the four seasons and make unique dishes. Depending on the cooking time of the fish and the amount of seasoning you sprinkle on the plate, different foods will be produced! After creating a new dish, it will be added to the archive, where you can track the different dishes created so far.

In order to participate in this little game, you need three key ingredients: fish, wood and seasonings. Over time, Childe will automatically catch fish for you, putting the fish in a basket every six hours. Wood can be obtained by logging into the game every day, while the seasoning is obtained by completing certain tasks (such as completing daily commissions and using resin in the game).

All in all, the event seems to be an interesting background game that provides a little extra reward for those willing to jump into Genshin Impact on a regular basis. We recommend checking the gang’s barbecue site next to your Genshin Impact daily to maximize the loot received and add a bit of fun to your daily work.

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