Genshin’s secrets affecting the spectrum and how to complete the preliminary investigation

Genshin Impact Spectral Secrets is a new, short-lived event, and it is less intrusive than we expected.

This is an easy task that can be integrated into your daily work, or even just running during the busy day. Just be ready to do some errands to get the best reward.

Genshin Influence Spectrum Secrets | How to Start Spectrum Secrets

You need an adventure level of 30 or higher to start Spectral Secrets, and you also need to complete the first task of Lightning “Ritou Escape Plan”. Assuming you meet these requirements, go to Lightning City and talk to Catherine in the guild.

Genshin’s secrets to influence the spectrum | Spectrum Secret Adventure

Your role in this event is not very active. Every day, you can send up to four expeditions to handle Spectre research. Activities are divided into expeditions by level (S, A, B). Naturally, you will get better rewards from higher-level tasks.

Unlike normal expeditions, these require teams of at least two characters. Your party choices determine the possibility of getting more rewards. Getting the “perfect” ranking is essentially just selecting advanced characters and characters that meet the elements of the expedition. The team members sent to investigate the ghost can still be used in your team, so please feel free to choose the one that best suits each task.

Genshin Affects Spectrum Secrets | Preliminary Investigation of Spectrum Secrets

The S-level expedition allows you to complete the preliminary investigation first. Select the option to explore and start investigation, it will automatically mark a search area on your map.

Travel there and grab the nearby Electrogranum. The first step of the preliminary investigation is to stand near the three Electro lamps and light them while you are carrying a summoned Electrogranum.

Ghosts will appear after lighting the lantern. They are easily defeated, but pay attention to the anger gauge. Once filled, the ghost will initiate an AoE movement and tend to attack faster. Please note that these will not drop Spectral Husk items, so if you need these items, you must look elsewhere.

Return to the guild and send your expedition team as usual.

Genshin’s Secret of Affecting Spectrum | Spectrum Secret Reward

Rewards vary by adventure location and level, but you will always get some Primogems. Strive for perfection in every adventure to get the best reward.

S-level Spectral Secrets rewards

  • 20 Primogems
  • 12 Mysterious Fortified Ore

Class A Spectral Secrets Reward

These often vary more and include upgrades or ascension items, although the first day also includes artifact EXP items.

  • 15 Primogems
  • 6 Adventurer’s experience
  • 6 teaching series projects, usually Light, Transience or Elegance
  • 6 Holy Anointing Oil

Class B Spectral Secrets Reward

These provide minimal Primogems and some weapon enhancement items

  • 10 Primogems
  • 3 weapon items, such as coral branches in the distant sea

This is the whole content of this Genshin Impact event, but it may lack interactivity, and it makes up for the convenience. If you plan to scroll for Kokomi, please save these Primogems. While you are there, be sure to grab some three or five pearls, if you don’t have one, you might as well unlock the palace in the swimming pool during your time on Watatsumi Island.