George RR Martin commented on his Elden Ring collaboration

Yesterday, the famous writer George RR Martin (A Song of Ice and Fire) Visit his blog and comment on his role in From Software’s upcoming Elden Ring development. Although the blog is short, the author makes it clear that his work on Elden Ring took place a few years ago and is focused on world building in the fantasy field that players will investigate in February. In the blog, Martin commented that video games are not his real hobby-but went on to say that he played some old-school strategy games such as Master Orion, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and Railroad Tycoon. Obviously, Martin has some great taste in the game he chose to play that day!

Martin’s post is very clear because he is dedicated to building the world for the Elden Ring field. Exactly how this translates into the final game is not yet known, but based on what we have seen in network testing, the world is full of discoveries, even in that small part. Although the core basic story of “The Defiled Land” and “The Land Between” now seems to have some important similarities with the Dark Souls, the world itself and most of its history are still unclear, so we must wait and see. What will happen. Martin also pointed out that now in the entertainment industry, the scale of video games has surpassed that of movies. You can view the entire article on Martin’s official blog here. Martin also pointed out that Elden Ring looks “unbelievable.” Regarding the last point, I tend to agree.

Elden Ring is scheduled to land on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC on February 25. Are you looking forward to it?